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Fed up! Not losing :(

Hi, I'm relatively new here but I've been healthy eating(calorie counting) and have started exercising the last 3 weeks, a bit of swimming and running 2 miles 3 times a week. My calorie intake is between 1000 and 1300 net, I'm 5ft 3in and weigh 9st 11lbs, I want to get back to my pre pregnancy 8st 2lbs. As of yet in these 3 weeks I've lost nothing!!! It's so frustrating :( I feel like I should be making some sort of progress!! Where am I going wrong?? Anyone else had this? X
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I'm doing slimming world and had been losing no problem until I started sunning 7 weeks ago, kept up the running and only just started losing again now. Keep at it, hopefully will start comming off soon x
Aww thanks :) need a bit of a spur on because it's very disheartening when you are really trying!!! Will c how it goes! Congrats on ur loss!! :) x


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are you getting thinner?...you do realise you can get thinner and your weight can go up or stay the same?...

you should concentrate on fat loss rather than weight loss. if your running that much you should have no problems.
well you know from another post thread how annoying this can be!!!

so i'm here to cheer you on!!! KEEP GOING! i can't run the length of myself, before or after my pregnancy so you are amazing in my eyes!

i know how frustrating and downright depressing it is when you are trying so so hard but dont let this get you down. you have to keep going. for me small goals was the answer, i had so much to lose (4 stone) but every pound that came off i felt like i had just lost a stone!

what really p***ed me off was that nobody, apart from my brilliant husband, said i was looking good and at that time i really wanted encouragement! you know why - because even though i had lost three stone to other people i still looked fat, so its definitely all about what you are used to.

now i don't care about what other people think i just want to be back to me, especially since i am back to work in just 7 weeks! i am determined to look like i always had. what an achievement that will be for me.

anyway, getting back to the small goals like being able to fasten the button on my jeans and not use a hair bobble to keep it in place !!! i'm telling you, these small things are like winning the lottery!

so keep on going and going and going.... just like in labour think what you will get at the end :)

if we can do childbirth we can do this!!!!

Aww thank you :) very encouraging! I'm aiming to lose 23 lbs to get back to my pre pregnancy body and yes it is realistic as I got back to my ideal weight after my 1st 2 and now I've had my 3rd I need to do it again as this is it child wise lol!! Oh and no I'm not slimmer, I'm measuring myself too invade the weight was muscle replacing fat! I've made a few changes to my diet and running so fingers crossed I will start to see change!! X
maybe you arent eating enough if you are also exercising. it sounds crazy but if i exercise while on a low calorie diet i just dont lose weight.

i was doing 1200 cals a day and briskly walking/jogging 5 miles a day 4 times a week. for 4 months i lost about 7lb

i did 1200 cals a day with no exercise for 4 months and lost 2/3lb a week.

i think the problem was that my body went into starvation mode. i needed more calories to compensate to the ones i was burning while exercising.

it might be a factor for you aswell
Yeah I've read a lot about the starvation mode thing, maybe because I'm not overly over weight my body will slip into it easier? Plus I was eating awfully before, might be a bit of a shock for my body lol! Well, I've finally lost 2lb randomly? I was flitting between 9st 11lb 1/4 and 9st 10lb 1/2 for 4 weeks and all of a sudden I'm 9st 9lb. I have been taking it easier so fingers crossed!! Good luck everyone x
how are you getting on now osdemel?

i'm seriulsly angry at myselef - have 2.5 pounds on and its a metnal thing - feel like a big frump today and am ready to kill dead thing! don;t even look at me! all my own fault of course! got complacement and thought i could ahve a few days of eating whatever i wanted.

really really want to fit into a dress that i ahve for a wedding on 18th june, but absolutely no chance - it won't zip at all. maybe i should admit defeat and look for a bigger size...

don't make me do it!

i'll have to change my bloody ticker now :)


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Have you tried using My Fitness Pal? It can help and can track food and exercise.

Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com

Our bodies change a lot throughout pregnancy and birth and as we age too, not just our weight but also our shapes. Just because you were able to do this before, doesn't necessarily mean it's going to go in the same direction this time, it could be a lot harder for all the reasons above. It also helps to do some strength training as,gaining and using muscle is essential for weight loss when using exercise combined with a diet.Are you drinking enough water?

Good luck!
Hello! My advice would be make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and to switch up your work outs. Sometimes when you hit a platue on your weight loss journey, all it takes is a change in your workout. Because your body is so used to the same things. But if you change it up, it helps break through that wall. Good Luck!!
Hi ppl, I've still not lost :( I run 3 times a week, 2 long runs and one sprint walk sprint walk etc. I have invested in a thigh master too lol n do that 3 evenings working on my whole body. Yes, I have my fitness pal, ive used it for about 5 weeks consistently. I've got it set to 1lb a week and have never gone over, I always finish with a few calories after exercise. No, I don't drink enough, probably about a litre a day where I used to drink 3 when I was breast feeding! I'm getting so so frustrated because my lifestyle has changed so much :( how's everyone else getting on? X


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Hi, I understand how frustrating it can be when you're exercising so much and not seeing results on the scales. Don't give up. Your efforts will pay off and you have already improved your health.

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