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Fed up with my "pharmacy"


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I've just got back from my third weigh in and, because I got weighed at home, I know I've lost 6lbs this week. I'm pretty pleased because that means a stone and a half off in three weeks. I'm now feeling pretty good on Lipotrim - much less moody, a bit more energetic and quite a bit lighter.
What I'm really p***ed off about though is my pharmacy. Today was the last straw - having been "advised" to eat TicTacs or sugar free gum to freshen my breath,:banghead: they had no working scales(!)
I have had no useful support, advice, help or encouragement from these clowns. Has anyone else changed pharmacies? What's the procedure?
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so sorry your not happy with your pharmasist. i think the best option is to go on the lt website and check outif there`s another 1 near you that you can get to, because this diet is hard enough without having no support off them 2... good luck xx
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heres your sister, my pharmacy are totally and utterly cr*p....

I asked them a question and they couldnt answer so I asked LT... they wanted the name of the pharmacy as they said the chemist should have known the answer.. I never said.. but the last 2 weeks, they have lost my sheet, dont know what i weigh.. what I have lost.......

so I am thinking about reporting them to LT.. its not fair.. we pay for a service we are entitled to one!
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Guys, complain to the pharmacy. I think British people are far too reluctant to air their grievances. If someone messes up regularly the only way they might have any possible chance of rectifying the problem is to be politely but firmly told.

If they do nothing about it then vote with your wallets - find another pharmacy and report them to LT.

I'm lucky that my main pharmacist is v. cool and so far I don't have much to complain about.


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Just find out if there is another one near you and go to it. There is no procedure as far as I know as it is not that strict. I have never seen anyone professional at my pharmacy, it has always been the girls working at the counter that weigh me and take payment for my sachets. I asked for 2 weeks supply and she just gave it to me without asking why or anything.

I would advise that you go to a new pharmacy and explain to them that you are having no support from your present pharmacy and tell them that if they can provide the support and help you are lacking then you want to carry on with them.

To be honest I have not needed support or information from my pharmacy as everything I needed to know has been answered from this forum. Good luck with what ever you decide to do.


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Yes - definately move to a different provider. No matter what VLCD we're on, we're all paying an absolute fortune (making people very rich in the process) and we should demand nothing but the best of service. I've read some really horrific stories of councellors/pharmacies on here, and definately think you should vote with your wallet and move elsewhere making a complaint to LT at the same time.
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Is there another pharmacy near enough to you? If so, I figure you'd just have to go register with them like you did the first time around!

My pharmacy are useless, they literally hand me the shakes, take my money & send me on my way (I've only been weighed once in the 12 weeks I've been doing LT!). I don't really find it a problem, but, I suppose if they were supportive & excited about my progress it might be a nice little added bonus. Their incompetence worries me for when I'm re-feeding though, as they're clearly incapable of answering any questions & I get the impression I'll be confused, hehe.

Still, LT are supposed to have trained the staff at the pharmacies that run the programme, so I suggest you let them know as well as trying to find somewhere else!

Good luck :)



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defo contact lipotrim about them.
if possible just go to a different pharmacy.
some of them are shocking!

luckily mine are good and encouraging.good ones do exist x


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Thanks everyone. I will phone LT and tell them. I've phoned another local pharmacy and have an appointment to see them on Saturday. They sounded very friendly and interested, so that's already an improvement on the last lot.

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the lady that weighs me is very nice and always asks how im getting on etc. does any1 get any other tests done like blood pressure or urine, i read somewhere that thats whats meant to happen but mine dont do it.
x x


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Definately report your first pharmacy to LT directly. They're making money for NOT providing a service- how is that fair?!? You're paying for the shakes, but also for support and advice from supposedly trained employees? You're right to change, but others mightn't be brave enough to, or be aware of forums like this one where they can get support, and end up quitting and bad-mouthing the diet to anyone who'll listen?
Mine was great I have to say. One girl inparticular (skinny wee thing !LOL!) was super-encouraging. In weeks i lost little (or even gained) she was brilliant, encouraging me to stick at it and listing all the reasons 'why' this might've happened. The head pharmacist was a little stricter and more rigid, and actually took me off LT (long story! LOL!) when he felt it wouldnt' do me any more good! So there are GOOD pharmacy's out there. Why should the cr*p ones get away with it!!


Back on the diet train...
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hey hun u shud defo tell LT, they prob givin a percentage of profit 2 the pharmacy 4 sellin the product an also the care given so if they not doin that then somethin needs to b done. plus 2 not have any workin scales is just stupid coz they one of the important fings with this diet.
so find a new pharmacy an tell LT.
goodluck x
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thats not good...try and find another pharmacy in ur area, am sure u can just change it...ignorant ppl!

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