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Feeding Children

My daughter is just 22 months old and i am worried about her loseing weight along with me on SW. I know SW is healthy eating but it is low in fat and i dont want to stop my daughter gaining weight by feeding her the same things as me. I have been putting normal cheese on her food when i make caullieflower cheese and let her dip her SW chips in mayo (she loves mayo) but what else can i do with out making seperate meals for us thanks x
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If your daughter is a healthy weight right now I can see no problems with you both eating the same foods. Definitely adding full fat dairy products cheese, yoghurt, fromage frais etc to her diet is the right thing to do.
Slimming world is an incredibly healthy way of eating, and I wouldn't feed her extra calories for the sake of it that's how we ended up where we are? :p
Can't really offer any first-hand experience of this but....

Can you talk to a health worker/doctor/nurse about this?
Explain what you are doing, your worries, and show them the plan.

Perhaps if you are having a SW meal, give her the same, but with extra hex's than you are having?

Sorry I can't be much help.


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My girls eat the same meals as me 5/7 days of the week. They get more snacks than I do and extra portions of cheese etc. They have glasses of full fat milk and butter on their toast and they are growing fine :) xx
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My 3 kids have normal cereal for breakfast, and slightly bigger portions! They also have peanut butter on their toast, they eat sandwiches, flapjacks, have full-fat fromage frais/yogurts and much more cheese than I do. They only have SW evening meals.


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Similar to everyone else, I have 2 teenage sons and one 20 year old. I just add extras to their plate, I did baked fish in tomatoes the other night with roast asparagus, the kids had potato wedges with theirs I didn't.

Sw spag bol the other night on Red day, I had jacket potato and green beans kids had pasta and crusty bread.

They also have snacks of supernoodles, cakes, yogurts, huge sandwiches, you name it my kids eat it :D

Just top them up but keep the central part of the meal the same as yours, my kids are actually enjoying it :eek:
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I'm the same, my 2 year old has the same evening meals as me most of the time, but full-fat versions of cheese, yogurt and milk, plus butter, 'normal' cereal, etc, etc. Occasionally I do different - last night I made him and OH fish pie (with a cheesy sauce, butter and milk in the mash), so I had salmon, savoury rice and veg. As long as you get her weight checked from time to time and it's ok then don't worry - she's probably one of the healthiest 22 month olds around!

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