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Feel horrific....

Aww hope you`ll be ok hun, I`m due on soon too... I always have very painful periods and get very bloated, so your not alone chick.
L xx


Determind dieter :D
Dee ... remind us how much you've lost in how long! ;) ... and I normally put on at least 5lbs for my TOTM ...so 2lbs isn't bad at all and when you have your next WI I'm sure you'll get a great results :D :D x x x keep up the good work Dee x x x
Dee, even weighing yourself at different times of the day can make a difference. It's weird what TOTM can do though. I havent had a monthly for over a year (good old menopause!), then since yesterday .... oh my goodness ... I'll spare you the details!! LOL (NOT good though) My poor body doesnt know what's hit it!! I've decided not to look at the scales .... weigh in tomorrow. Stick with it tho girl... an early night with a good book might be a nice option xx
Hey hun!!!! dont worry. You will have a greater loss next week. Whens ure weekly weigh in??? Just think of all the weight youve lost and feel proud of what youve done!! xx
Us men have to shave everyday ! ...... that is true misery !

(Goes and hides in a corner)

it will pass,just look after your self x
Just think....at least there's a reason for it! A small gain like that will be gone tomorrow. It's not 2lb of fat, it's 2lb of your body going through TOTM! It could also be due to other things such as the last time you went to the toilet etc LOL! If you haven't been then as soon as you do that 2lb will disappear plus more! Xxx
Us men have to shave everyday ! ...... that is true misery !

(Goes and hides in a corner)

Hahaha mancitymark... that made me laugh! :p
Dee, you have done so well and this is just a blip! you are an encouragment to us all, im sure others can agree with me :) now its our turn to support you and dont you worry you will feel better soon. xxx
it's not good to come on here and see you of all people feeling down chin up hun, it will be all over in a few days and you will be feeling on top of the world again, keep up the good work
Ah Deezer Hunny that's awful! It's awful when there's a gain and it only makes you feel worse than you did.

Sending loads of hugs and bubbles your way!!