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feel im failing :(


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i just need to have a little rant cos ive had a terrible week. i have fallen off the waggon as such but have found this last week my 5th week very hard. i have lost my motivation and thou im not really hungry i really want to just have food again. this negative thinking has remained with me the whole week where as usually i may have the odd thought but then i no im going to just keeping going. ive really wanted to give up this week but said ill stick it out to my weigh in hoping my lose would ster me on. weigh in yesterday and after all that i only lost 2 pounds. GUTTED. now i no its all a lose and thats good but compared to my other weeks which where all 6. its really dishearted me to be honest. i decided to go ahead anyway with another week but i really cant seem to get the want to finish the tfr out of my head. my pharmist said maybe the ketosis was broke without me realising it but i cant think wat it could have been cos i have been honestly 100% grrrrrrr im so annnnoyed peoples.
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Hopefully you will have a better week this week. And a 2lb loss is great. :) And rant away lol makes good reading xx


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ha thanks i no i do love other rants and its good to get it out there. ive just been reading thou some other posts and im already feeling a little better. i havent been on here this week much and that usally helps so much so im going to be stalking it this week lol
Hey mollypop, I know actually what you mean. My expectations where a lot higher and when i got three i gave it another week, then 3 again and I was considering stopping but when you think about it even though the numbers are lower than the begining could you lose that amount of weight so consistantly on any other diet? mostly not.

they weight i look at it now is 4 weeks for me will prop be 12 lbs and as long as I am on LT I wont plato.

They say women will average a stone a month, maybe try looking at it that way. The high numbers at the start cant last forever but they have really boosted your loss. your figures are great :)

I do hope you keep going, it will be worth it.


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Mollypop please don't give up your doing amazing. My body has changed so much already and I am only on day 9 so I can imagine how much yours has changed, you must look so much better than when you started.
Stick with it hunni your worth it.
Elaine x

Hi Mollypop,

You know deep down that 6lb a week, every week is not sustainable. Your body will stop from time to time and do the equivalent of taking a deep breath before it can carry on. I am at the same stage you are (but on LL) and had my dip this week as well. I could have happily stuffed my face as in the bad old days! That wouldn't have help me in the long run as, like you, one of my goal is to look good on my birthday (July). I make that promise every year and this year i WILL make it happen. Keep remembering why you are doing this and you are a lot closer to it than you were 5 weeks ago! :D
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don´t give up

keep going, i´ve tried every diet, and on some of them you got a round of applause from the group just for losing half a pound, or maintaining, think how jealous those people would be to lose 3 pounds, for some diets this is a massive achievement. and if this was easy it would be too easy just to pile it back on and then do it again, the struggle is part of the maintainance, you remember how hard it was, and that stops you having that extra biscuit or slice of toast.
Fingers crossed for you, and you have people in this forum routing for you x
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hi mollypop i too am on week 5, but at wk 3 i didnt lose anything even though i stuck to it 100percent too i was heart broken, i put mine down to the water intake, but i continued i might also add that i too have been craving food , although i am not hungry i just want to eat , which is makin me miserable, i guess quite possibley one of those things i hope you feel better about your next weigh in and just remember every pound off is a pound nearer good luck hun xxx


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S: 14st8lb G: 11st6lb
thanks guys u are all right of course and i was just having a baaaad week but ive been out tonight in a top and jeans i would have never fit into and got some seriously good complements and even a bit of male attention so no better reason to keep it all going ay lol thanks a million for ur posts and i will be sticking to it so watch out for more of my moaning lol xxxxxxxxx
knew you would!! :D


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Well done for persevering, and the comments and looks from other people really help eventhough we are doing it for ourselves. Hope you have a good week this week and that'll be a spur on for you. They do say that LT helps with the psychological bond with food and that must be what you're going through at the moment. It can only get easier?!

I had a 1.5lb increase 2 weeks ago for no reason at all and was so disheartened and ready to give up but then an 11lb loss the next week. I think Lucy is right - your body just needs a breather and readjustment before it sets out on the weightloss path again.

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