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feel like c**p

Hi everybody.
I have just pigged out and I feel awful. As well as feeling totally sick.
I am on day 9 of SS and was doing so well.
I feel stupid, a failure blah blah.....
This is the story of my life, only lasting so long on diets and then blowing it like this.
I was doing really well, feeling positive etc. Had lost 12lb first week and I have let myself down.
I am sorry to moan, but I just wanted to put this down into words because usually I just bottle it up and beat myself up.
I am not going to give up though, I could kick myself.
Hopefully I won't have done too much damage.
Jackie x
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Hi Jackie, Im so pleased that you are carrying on, everyone has slip ups every so often, iv just has 4 days off but have now re-started for good, and only put 2lb back on which im pleased with. Im just doin a bit more exercise this week to get back on track. At lease one thing, bet u feel even more determind now to stick to it, after all, its only 1 meal. Good luck and dont dwell too much as you will feel horrid.
S: 14st4lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st5lb(23.5%)
Hi Jess, its always family that make you feel worse, even tho they dont intend to. Good luck for June, Im goin for end of may, june to lose 3 stone also.


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Hunny you're not a failure, you're just human-someone who has made a mistake and has owned upto it and has realised where they have gone wrong. Don't beat yourself up instead learn where you've gone down and bring yourself up. We only learn from our own mistakes.


Taking one day at a time.
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Keep at it - most people slip up sometimes. We are human. Just get back on to it. You can do it & well done on great losses so far.
Yeah not sure why that is about family - Good luck though! It's my birthday at the end of may so I'm hoping to look fab by then!

As I was typing that - a girl at work just came out with "what is it with you guys and these stupid diets" - This is coming from a size 8, big boobed, beauty!

NOT letting that get to me! :D

Jess xxx
Your co-worker may be trying to sabotage because she doesn't want anyone to get smaller than her. It happens. Sometimes people are threatened by people who are losing weight.
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We all ocassionally fall down, but we pick ourselves up again and carry on, never give up even if you have a bad day, there is always tomorrow :)
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I feel stupid, a failure blah blah..... Had lost 12lb first week and I have let myself down.
Babe you are not stupid, you are not a failure, you've done so so well - look what you achieved in your first week.

You haven't let yourself down - you've had a slip up, and we've all been there.

chin up, dust yourself down, chalk it up to experience and don't let this little blip upset you.