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Extra Easy feel like giving up. Please help

Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help me. I joined SW on the 27th of August this year and i was 12 stone 3. i went on holiday in September and put on 6 pounds and it has been down hill every since. i am now 12st 12 lbs. i feel like i am on a down hill spiral.

I go to the groups but i don't stay to the meetings because i always seem to put on. and i know why. its because when i slip up i just carry on eating junk. I just feel like ive done it now so i might aswell just keep going. i feel like crap after it. then i feel cos i have had a slip up i have ruined it for the rest of the week and i will put on again then i feel really down about it.

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop continuing to eat rubbish after you have went over your syns. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay on track.

i really need some support

any response would be appreciated
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Hi Yule.

Sorry to hear you're feeling so down and I completely understand that you feel you want to just give up.

A couple of things to think about.

Firstly, if you give up now then you're not going to lose the weight you want to shift. You just won't, because you will give yourself permission to go completely mad and eat whatever you want, all the while in the back of your head you'll be saying "I didn't lose any weight on a "diet" so I might as well just eat what I like". This is something that I have done over and over - and I always, always end up gaining. Would it help for you to think that if you don't get this under control, this time next year you may be another stone heavier?

Secondly, and WRT to the falling off the Syn Wagon and then binging. I read a great quotation somewhere about healthy lifestyle choices, and it went along the lines of: "If I drop my mobile phone on the floor, I just pick it up. I don't stamp on it and then throw it under a moving bus - Same thing with my diet" :)

I find this really helpful - I do tend to go over my syns a bit on the weekend (WINE!) but I just make sure I don't spend the rest of the time stuffing bread and cheese into my face!

I do SW at home, so I'm not too sure about meetings, but I know that lots of people find them helpful.

Have you thought about joining a challenge here?
It's EXTREMELY hard! I ate about 10 milky way bars this afternoon. We all have to face it, sometimes you just HAVE to binge, and try not to beat yourself up over it. One thing that I have found that has worked for me is looking forward to having a treat.

For example, I would feel like crap and want to gorge chocolate, but I would say in a thread 'Hey, how about you just eat well today, and look forward to a cup of tea out and a cake you're going to have tomorrow at a cafe".

It may not work for everyone, it doesn't always work for me, but it does enough for me to continue using it.
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If you've had a gain you'd be better off staying than weighing and running. I think it helps you accept the gain and move on in a positive way, rather than pretending it didn't happen and repeating the gain the following week.
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I agree. Stay to image therapy, and be honest when your consultant speaks to you about how you're feeling. I bet your consultant and the other members will sympathise and probably have some good tips and ideas and you'll come out feeling more motivated and wanting to start afresh than you will just by running in, and paying a fiver just to be told you've gained and then running off again.

Also, it does sound like you're sabotaging youself (it's easily done- i know) but really, when you know you've been 'bad' try to mentally draw a line under it, rather than thinking 'stuff it' and eating some more. A week with one or two wobbles is bound to give a better result than a week where you've just given in and eaten daft things which only serve to make you feel worse in the long run.

Good luck - with a bit of determination you can do it x


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I do SW at home but I would definitely echo what others have said and if you're having trouble then stay to group. It's there to motivate you, to give you examples of 'good practice', to help you see where you're going wrong. The advice that you're asking for now is exactly what you would get from group only it would be a lot more personal as it would be from people you know.

As for the falling off and continuing the binging, I'm guilty of it, I'm sure everyone on here has done it once or twice. That was my problem with previous diets...I'd be good and then when I fell, I fell hard. As much as it's a credit to SW for how well their plan works I have to give myself credit to, SW is only working for me because I want it to. I weigh up the positives and negatives, if I do go over syns then I cut back for a few days to counteract it. The biggest weight loss battle is in your head, you have to really want it. Prior to SW I always wanted to be slim but I never actually put a whole lot of effort in to it. Nothing in...nothing out.

I think you really need to assess if you're in the right place to lose weight, if you can't get in to the right mentality it will be very difficult to follow. Make a list of pros and cons, do a healthy food shop, any treats you buy, buy in limited quantities. I have seen people who have trouble with going over syns before actually portioning their syns in to lunchboxes for the day so that they know that they only have that box of treats and it HAS to last them the whole day. It might be worth a try.

Maybe post a food diary on here. It helps keep you accountable when you gain but at the same time it's 100% necessary to be completely honest otherwise you're only cheating yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, I really hope you manage to break the cycle and end up getting to where you want to be. Good luck.


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Hi Yule you sound like me for the first half (and a bit!)Of this yr! I fell off the wagon at Christmas last yr and just couldn't get back on it again no matter how I tried. Anyway I went on holiday in September so talked to my cons and took 4 weeks off SW at the same time. I went back to the same group as a brand new mbr and started a new journey. I've lost consistantly for the last 5 weeks and am totally commited to staying on track now.

I got fed up of having to constantly think about what I was eating. The break let me eat what I wanted, without feeling guilty or like I was blowing it and got it out of my system, and reminded me how horrible I felt eating crap all the time. I felt bloated and put bout half stone back on. I know it won't be for everyone but it helped me draw a line and get back to where I wanted to be.

Otherwise I would echo what everyone else has said stay to group most important, write down everything you eat. Before you eat it. Don't give up if I can get back on it anyone can!!
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Definately stay to group for help and support. And this has been said before, but if you had a vase of flowers and one died would you throw the rest away. No you wouldnt you would look after the others. So in a week (7 days) is like 7 flowers, one dies you still have 6 days of good S W food to plan and eat! Just keep bobbing on here for support! It can be done and you will do this. :)


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Secondly, and WRT to the falling off the Syn Wagon and then binging. I read a great quotation somewhere about healthy lifestyle choices, and it went along the lines of: "If I drop my mobile phone on the floor, I just pick it up. I don't stamp on it and then throw it under a moving bus - Same thing with my diet" :)

Love this!!
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mental thought is important on dieting
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
And think of S W not so much a diet but a change of lifestyle to a healthy eating plan sustainable for life :)


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Please don't give up. Would a fresh start help? If you chat to your consultant about it she might let you have a new book so it feels like a fresh start?

I do think organisation is the key to SW. Go through the books again. Find some new recipes to try as well as making a list of easy-cook meals (I like to have an Ainsley dahl night once a week. Really cheap and easy with boiled rice, extra mushrooms and other veg bunged in, and a chopped up hard boiled egg on top).

Maybe look at some of the fake-away recipes as well so that you feel like you're still treating yourself (I def want to try the smash batter on some onion rings and some fish at the weekend).

If your gain is likely to put you off staying, why not ask to help out at the meeting - you'll 'have' to stay then.

It's worth trying some new things to break the negative cycle you've got into. Go on. Give yourself a break, and some TLC (not food orientated), and let your consultant help you.

Good luck x
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
I think the suggestion of volunteering to help on the social team is an excellent idea. I am on the social team and am totally commited to attending group every week, even though at target. I think this has really helped me stay within target for 12 months. :)
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
Well done! Staying to group was the key for me, although once I had decided to join I was always 100% behind S W. I enjoy group so much, do you like your consultant and is she good? Once you have got used to going it becomes easier and you soon get to know people. Its nice to chat with like minded folks. And remember, "if things are not so good one week you need group, and if its all good news group needs you :)

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