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feel like i've gone off track :(


Had a green day yesterday and plenty of fruit and veg, had my hea and hebs, everything was fine, then have to admit I felt a bit hungry, I analysed my hunger and it was I believe genuine hunger :D and not in my head, so I had some batchelors savoury rice :eek:

I know its free on green day, but it just feels wrong surely theres to many calories in it:confused::confused: what with the bananas and jacket potato, cheese and 2 boiled eggs and bread roll it just feels so much, the calories must be sky high.

Can anyone put my mind at rest please


Ps had 10 syns
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I would say its fine, genuinely hungry and its free food!! :)

I feel like this some days though, i work nights and i eat breakfast, tea then some dinner and when i come in from work i feel hungry and eat...i feel like im cheating the system :/


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, it is free, don't think about the calorie content. You had a perfect green day and satisfied your hunger. If you weren't on plan think of all the things you would have eaten, they would have been more calories than the savory rice. The plan does work hun but you need to stop thinking in calories. Good luck with your weightloss journey xxx


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Put your mind at ease because you're not going off track. Actually you've been really sensible because you thought about whether your hunger might be due to other reasons.

As for the calories, you need to put them out of your head. There are calories and then there are calories. You could use 300 syns on some biscuits and half an hour later be looking for something else to eat because they don't fill you up and the fat in them makes you crave more. Or you can spend 300 calories on some savoury rice and vegetables which is an actual meal and will keep you filled for several hours. So it's not just about the calorie content of the food, it's about their how much they fill you up in relation to their calories.


Thanks so much it just seems so unreal you can eat this much :D

I have calorie counted before and I would not have touched savoury rice because it would have used up to much of my allowance.

Feeling much better just been to Tesco's and stocked up and not even tempted in the bread aisle, now thats progress :D



Strutting her stuff
And if it makes you feel better, some people have tallied up their calories for a typical SW day and they came out at 1200 -1500, so fine for weight loss.
Circes is wise and knowlegable. Do not worry soccormom you are doing fine.

Calories smalories take no notice of them!


thanks guys and feeling much better after a great red day. :D

watching match of the day with a milky drink, what more could a girl ask for lol

Heres to another 100% day tomorrow :girlpower::innocent0002:
Hi Hun, just catching up with your post. As the others have said, you need to stop thinking about calories as it will only get confusing for you! Just be happy in the knowledge that what you had was right and that you are following the SW plan correctly! Well done for not giving in and persevering too! Xxx

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