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Feel like I've hit a brick wall....

After last week's poor weight loss (totm I know, but still poor)-I was hoping for a bit better this week.

It's been my 810 week and so far I've only lost 3/4lb. It's my WI tomorrow. I don't normally lose anything between today and tomorrow, so it's really disappointing. If nothing changes by tomorrow morning it means I've only lost 2lbs in the last 2 weeks-and only 3 inches overall in the last month. I know it's water retention, but it's just so annoying. It will have been 3 months on Tuesday-and this past month has been so poor that I will only have lost about 9 1/2lbs. I'm really hoping for a good loss next week to give me a bit of a boost and cheer me up a bit.
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can see the end in sight!
don't worry sparkles, I lost 8.5 lbs in my 3rd month, it drove me nuts but it does happen. Wait until after 810 week, see what happens then. You are only 1.5 lbs from 3 stone in 3 months, which is pretty fantastic!!
I hope you lose more soon. I've not lost this week either and it is really really depressing. Every other diet I do this happens. After a wee while, the weight loss slows down and stops but apparetnly this can't happen on CD. I certainly hope not! You have done brilliantly so far. It is pobably just a plateau or your body is maybe fighting it more but it has to come off.
Last week I weighed myself on my scales which normally weigh me 2lb under my CDCs scales, and going by my scales had lost less than 1lb, but WI day my scales were showing a 2lb loss and on my CDCs scales a 4lb loss... not sure how that happened, but you never know what may happen at WI....
I've dropped almost 2 stones on my first 3 weeks on sole source and in the last 4 days my weight hasn't gone down at all! I know it frustrating when you have it flying off so fast one day and then nothing the next. I'm hoping my body is just catching up!!!!
Hiya Sparkles.
I sort of feel like this too i lost 2 , 2 then 4 which was nice but this weekend the scales dont seem to have moved and as its totm, I am thinking I will get a sts... which will give me 8lb for the month :(
It is hard to stay motivated and I havent even reached my 810 week yet so cant even blame it on the extra calories:)

Anyway.... you have doen really well and I'm sure these feelings will pass and things will pick up again....

Perservere and we will be congratulating each other when we get to goal!!

It's so frustrating isn't it? Last week I only lost 1 1/4lb and this week only 3/4lb so far. The way my totm has been going it seems to have settled at around 26 days, which means it's going to come twice this month and mess me up even more.

One thing I am proud of though. I have stayed totally 100%-even through my 810 week. I thought it might make me want to eat more but it hasn't-in fact I can't wait to get back to SS. I'm dreading going back up the plans to be honest as I have to find something to eat which I actually like...

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