Feel like quitting today !


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OMG only lost 2lb today and so near my target that I'm proper feed up and come home and took it out on my husband. He says I'm obsessed. I don't think I am, I just wanna be 10 stone and I'm sick of feeling ugly and overweight and unhealthy. Keep thinking that I could eat something healthy and still lose a crappy 2lb. Bloody hell can't stop moaning feel like a right misery. :cry:
Oh Louty don't feel like that you are doing absoloutly amazing and you are getting so close to your target.

You will probably have a much bigger loss next week and it will make you feel so much better. If it was that easy to lose weight on other diets we would all be doing it but this is by far the best way. My losses aren't huge but they are better than on any other diet so I am very happy.
Hi pearly x just bin thinkin that I haven't had alot of water this week. I habve had what I shud but I usually have loads, do u think thats the problem. x louty
I think you are right Louty because last week I was so cold all the time I didn't drink nearly as much as I usually do and I only lost 2lb. This week I am really going for it and drinking for England. (Fed up running to the loo LOL!!)

Let's both have a good week and see how much we have lost this time next week. x
Hiya hun sorry to hear ya are feeling like crap. Although I can certainly understand where ya are coming from. I have also being losing quite a small amount compared to everyone else and I am sticking to it 100%, however i did have a little blip and 1.5 weeks off sick so that didnt help i suppose and I know from this week that I have been out of ketosis, I guess taking the cough medicine didnt help that. On the other hand I have lost the stone a month and I am going to see how the next month goes. Regarding your overall weightloss I think ya have done really well over the past 7 weeks and I have heard that it does get much slower towards the end. Also do ya have totm cause when ya are feeling bloated ya tend to retain more water. Dont let it dishearten ya though and maybe next week ya will do much better. We are all here to support ya and dont let it bring ya down. Take some time out for yourself and have a hot bath to calm yourself down, wishing ya all the success for next week, god bless
Thanks for your comments miss unknown I do feel the love when I post on this site, thanx chick, but it's not the totm and I've defo stuck to it, big time. I do think tho it's got something to do with the water intake. x
Ya know I think ya could be right about the water, these days I can take in about 2.5litres as its so cold, anymore and I am just freezing, blooming winter for ya!! This week im going to take the 4 litres if it kills me!!
Yeah I reckon I'll be swimming to the chemist next week, lol, miss unknown x
:( does totm affect weight loss cus ive felt bloated & crap,does any1 else feel weaker & hungry wen its star wk:cry: :cry:
Sorry you are fed up with your 2lbs, did this take you into the 10's, if so well done. You could lose 2lbs on an eating plan, but would it be so easy over 9 weeks and would you really have lost as much as you have done on LT?

I've had some rubbish weeks and it is really hard to keep motivated, but just decide to see who it goes for another week and take it from there. You are nearly there now and you are guaranteed losses every week on this which you just aren't on an eating plan.

I'm struggling with the water at the moment with it being so cold, but I reckon if you keep at it you will hit your target by Xmas, how great would that be? x
Hi Lite, I can sometimes have a lower loss that week but I reckon my body is still burning the fat it is just that the extra fluid means it doesn't always show on the scales. You catch up the next week tho if that happens to you.

I usually feel rough at TOTM in any case and pretty drained so I can't say I have found it any worse on LT altho I think some do x
Yeah Lite ! just b4 my totm i feel extra tired and extra hungary and major bloated and the weight lose tht wk is usually low. When eating normally I feel all these things anyway, so no change there. But it does feel worse while on LT. X
Probably is the lack of water...i'm guilty of it too,so i guess we will have to make more of an effort with it, good luck for next week,but well done on the 2lb loss this week!!! its still a good loss...Caz xx