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Feel really disheartened


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Hi all

Well had a good week since last thursday and waking up thinking what i can eat for that day and sticking to it, but today i just wanna :cry:.

The problem is again these scales of mine (think they dont like me as they are weight watcher scales and im doing sw diet hahahaha). I have been monitoring and i was last thursday 15.13 at wi and sunday my scales went to 15.12 but i no its 2lbs higher than wi scales, so i no mix2max is working.

Yesterday i was sat here and my jeans felt they were gonna explode and felt really tight and i thought how strange, so this morning had peak on scales and i was 16.1 and that was it, i came down feeling so down and not even thought about what im doing for tea tonight or infact rest of day, and not had brekkie yet.

Now im thinking should i just eat nothing but superfree or just carry on as doing and still log on here on my diary.

Sorry for moan and going on again but, my scales i do like to peak to keep me in right direction, if they would of said 16 i wouldnt of bothered grrrrr.

Hope you having a good day and good luck to tuesday wi's
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Morning :)

The scales can be such a motivator but also such a demotivator if they aren't saying the right thing ;-)

My advice is to keep getting on them every few days/week but don't allow the result to dictate your mood for the day.

At the end of the day if you follow your diet to the letter and drink water then you must reduce your weight over a period of time.

Your weight can fluctuate massively depending on TOTM, whether you have had a number 1/2, water retention, clothes etc etc and therefore don't get too hung up on the result.

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i know how you feel, last week at wi i was expecting 3lbs (as per my scales) and at WI they said 1.5lbs lost :-( its very disheartening

but you gotta stick with it - you have lost a fantastic 10lbs already and next week you could see a huge loss



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:( Scales are EVIL!! Dont let them rule your day or dictate the mood you are in :( I peak at mine and it always makes me feel bad or messes my dieting up... am trying to make myself stick to once or twice a week....
You know that you are being really careful and following the plan properly and you know that youve been loosing... maybe ignore your scales at home and only go by the ones at WI (mine always differed loads to the ones at WI)...
and if youre holding on to water or have been doing more exercise recently that will also show on the scales as a gain but you know its not strictly true ... they are just silly numbers... remember to go by measurements etc too...

maybe you were just a bit bloated with your jeans being tight... i had a really bad day the other day... where for no reason my belly just swelled up i hadnt even eaten anything yet... my jeans went from being loose to really tight just in that morning :(

you have to eat 3500 cals extra to gain a lb of fat... and you know you havent been doing that :) ... drink plenty of water to try and flush out water if youre retaining it.... and then keep the weighing for WI where im sure youll get a great result :)

chin up hunny :)xx
I don't feel like one to give advice at the moment as I haven't been sticking to plan at all, but I do know that even when I'm losing well my weight fluctuates a lot during the week. On WI day my scales show 1lb less than WI scales but if I check during the week I can be a few pounds heavier.
I really try not to look now during the week as even though I know this It can really make me feel fed up.
If you feel that you could easily stick to superfree only then it shouldn't do any harm but if its gonna feel to strict you may struggle to stick with it.
I would just stick to the plan and try not to worry (easier said than done)
Sometimes I have been 3lbs heavier right up to the day before WI and just sticking to plan have still lost weight - weird I know!
Good luck for your WI this week, I'm sure you'll be fine!
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Please don't feel disheartened. You are doing really well, 10lbs loss is really good and it is not too far from 1 stone. I am, and always have been a scaleaholic and my weight can differ by up to 3 lbs on any one day. The best thing to do is stick to your plan because you will kick yourself if you stuff yourself, step on the scales in the morning and you have lost and then your blowout comes back and bites you.

Feel proud of your loss and don't let the evil scales pull you down.


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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Thank you all for your lovely replies.

I dont know what wrong with me tbh, woke up at 10 and its nearly 12 and ive not shifted me butt from chair, still not had brekkie as not hungry, house a real mess and sick of doing same stuff every day and sitting here with tears down face and i dont no why ffs.

going to do kitchen in a sec and do a nice quiche superfree one so can have inbetween mix2max for today and tomoz if need it.

Ive only lost 10lbs in 11 weeks i no its slow but maybe im trying to lose it quickly like 3lbs a week, prob cos its not long till hols and i have no clothes and i want to look good. So when only lose 1lb im like oh nice but feel like is that it!!!!

Maybe just feel down today but dunno why but thanks again all :grouphugg:
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I hate scales! I always weigh myself on the same scales, and make sure they're in the same place, and im wearing the same thing each week! Dont be disheartened, you may have even gained muscle mass if you have increased excersise, you may still have lost inches! xx
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Home scales are work of the devil! :mad: on mine, I weigh in at 11st 1 and I am 11st 6.5... work that one out! I am seriously thinking of ditching them x


Slow but sure....
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Jacquie.....try to stop weighing each day, I know it's hard because it becomes addictive to jump on the scales every day - but they are so 'soul destroying' your weight fluctuate's all through the day and every day, so if you can just manage to weigh once a week you wouldn't get these 'downer's' when the scales give you a gain - I know I've been there, good luck with it sweetie, and don't worry you have been doing so well lately, love to you. X


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Ten pounds is ten pounds, no matter how long it took to get off (and 11 weeks is good. I averaged about half a pound a week and regularly cursed all the 3/4/5lbers a week lol). So give yourself a huge pat on the back for that. You deserve it.

Secondly, put the scales away. He Who Thinks He's Boss has had to hide mine. I'd step on them morning, noon and night if I could - and even while I was eating. They lie. One example, after a bad weekend (within syns, but I felt it was bad) I stepped on them on a Sunday morning to find out how bad I'd been. Two pounds on. I was devastated - that was four weeks more dieting. But my WI was on the Monday, so I resolved to weigh myself on the proper day and continue as planned. After all, the damage was done. That Monday morning - I'd lost 2.75lbs since the week before. My biggest ever loss. That's why you shouldn't weigh yourself inbetween weigh days. The wrong result and you're ready to throw the towel in.

You sound so down I just want to send out big hugs to you. Your weight is not the be all and end all of your life, all though it may feel like it. You have already done something fantastic by taking control of your eating instead of letting it control you. You're ten pounds lighter than 11 weeks ago - now that must feel good!

Go have breakfast if you haven't already. Remember, punishing your body by withholding food is not good. You'll get it all confused and then your weight will bounce around too. If you STS or even gain this week (which I very much doubt, as has been said, there's loads of reasons why your weight fluctuates from hour to hour, let alone day to day) then it's only one week out of all your life. You can't spoil the rest of your life for one week, can you?

You've done so well. I know you'll continue to do so



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Do yourself a huge favour and donate your scales to a charity shop. Losing weight is hard enough without sabotaging yourself on a daily basis. As already said your weight fluctuates from day to day and even by several pounds over the course of a day. So stick to one official WI a week and free yourself from the scales,

I have been feeling the exact same way all day. I have actually managed to stay under my syns this week (just!) for the first time ever. I hopped on the scales this morning....and they showed a gain :eek:

I'm hoping it's just a blip but I've been in a grumpy mood all day. I feel your pain hon <hugs>


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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Thanks all so much, feel bit better now as been out for a bit, thanks again


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They are a nightmare and they mess with your head. I get weighed at group and that's it. I know that if I got on the scales daily I would be a complete fruit loop.

In my experience, they only give you part of the picture, and what they give you is a number, and it was my reaction to that number that made me get rid of mine (if it was higher than I wanted or i'd "put on" overnight I was a nightmare)

I know it's difficult especially since we can be impatient when it comes to our weight, but it you will feel so much better if you CHUCK 'EM IN THE BIN!!! :D



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Hey you I really cant add anymore than what everyone else has said!

I am a scales addict i weigh every day but this week i am going to cut back and weigh a max of 3 times! I know that i normally have a midweek fluctuation so i am going to avoid that day! I will then try to cut it back each week!

Im sure you will be fine at WI so dont give yourself a hard time about it!!
i can really sympathise.i am addicted to weighing myself and i know that my weight fluctuates so i dont know why i do it.normally i weigh myself every morning before i go for my shower(cause scaled are in bathroom).

so this morning like normal i weighed myself and it showed 9.10 now normally my scales are 1 pound below my weigh in ones.so i thought 9.11 thats fine.then i got messed around with work and ended up having to go to a different class to normal so had eaten lots to keep me going through a 12 hour shift and then it got cancelled.so for some reason i thought it would be smart to weigh myself jst before i went.my scales said 9.13!!!! i ended up in such a bad mood,however i went to the WI and was only 9.10!! was so shocked and happy that iv now decided that those scales are going away! or at least being cut down on:)
jst keep going.we all have bad days.and even if ur losing a 1lb a week thats 4 stone in a year!!
Hi Jacqui35. Loads of good advice here, and I totally agree with Henna! to try to wean yourself off the scales gradually if you really can't face giving them to a charity shop. If she can cut down to 3 weighs a week to start with, so can you! I'm very lucky, in that I'm fortunately not addicted to the scales, but Hubby is - they even had to come with us on holiday - so I do understand how hard this is for you, and everyone else with this 'problem'.

You sounded SO down, it's great that you managed to get out for a bit. It will have done you loads more good than a clean and tidy house! (And, I assure you, we DON'T all live in one of those!).

When the weight comes off slowly, it is much more likely to stay off. I so hope that tomorrow you wake up feeling much better, HAVE SOME BREAKFAST, put today behind you and start afresh.

Very Best of Luck.
Firstly do get rid of the scales !!!!! think that SW is going to be your life style and forget the weight loss. Then and only then your mood will change and you will start to feel good about yourself for what your changing in your life. You must think of the benifits of healthy eating for one, sit back and compare your life style now to as it was !! I am sure you will start to get back on that wagon again.

The second thing I wish to say is ... go to your kitchen and weight out 10lbs of flour/ sugar/ what ever. The once you have done this put it in a bag and get hands on with it. Feel the weight can't you.

Well thats what you have lost through hard work and determination, and you must feel good about that weight you not hauling around everyday put strain on your muscles,back,joints and of course your heart. Your BMI will be better, with this loss, sooooooooo your are becoming healthy. So well done for that.!!!

I would suggest that you ONLY weigh at classes from now on.

Best of luck

Phil x

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