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Feel sooo ill this morning :(

Woke up and feeling really nauseus, have a really bad headache and getting shooting pains across my back :(. Not looking forward to today at all, hubby's back at work so I have to start doing the school run again and I just feel awful :(.
The only redeeming thing is that the kids are being such little sweeties this morning doing exactly as they're told bless them, they can be lovely at times I think they sense when I'm having a bad day and like to stay low lol.

Sorry I've not been very good with replying to anything lately been having a hard time emotionaly with this diet and a few things in my personal life so trying to get myself sorted out, will try and be more involved from now on though.

Hope you're all well!

Emma xXx
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Hi Emma

Ive felt a little nauseous and I think I'm putting it down to the lapse. Are you making sure your drinking plenty of water? I know I didn't really drink enough yesterday so am back on it in force today. Take some pain killers for your sore head and back pains.

Ah the school run on the best of days is no fun, do you walk? I find if I make a huge effort to get out the door and walk its not as stressful as driving and parking etc. You and the children will get fresh air before school and also some exercise.

This program is very emotional ive been all over the place with it. We will get there in the end and just take each day as it comes! Sending some positive vibes your way and hope you get back on form soon. t
awww Emma, it's horrible being ill when you have little ones. I hope you feel better tomorrow...........keep drinking the water and warm fluids!!!!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Feeling any better now? :D:D:D
Emma hope you're feeling better & brighter (((hugs)))


nearly there!! :)
hey hunni, hope ur feeling better and are ok. get urself off ta bed asap and rest it out. sending hugs chic xxx
Thanks guys I felt better as the day went on yesterday but feeling awful again this morning :(, just been v lazy and took a taxi to school and back I just don't have anywhere near the energy to walk today. Have upped my water intake etc not sure whats going on, if I wasn't positive I'm not I'd think I was pregnant (def not though lol 110% sure on that one). Ah well can only hope it doesn't last long.

Have my WI tonight which is fine just don't think I can stay for the session I just feel rotten, feel crap about missing it though as I missed it last week due to my entire family being ill :(.

Emma xXx


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It really is the time of year for picking up lousy little germs and stuff - just keep gulping down the water... boiling water with some FOTF water flavour is good, and I pretend it is hot ribena - really comforting. Hope you feel better later... have a hot bath, and then get into bed with a book - hopefully you will feel ok by the time it's WI... and don't worry about letting your group down - health comes first, and I'm sure they won't want to catch it :p

Head down, and get better soon. ((Cuddles))

A x x
Hi Emma

I hope youarefeeling a bit better now and sorting out the personal stuff too.
As other people have mentioned on here
doing LL is an emotional roller coaster and our physical and emotional sides are not separate.
Good luck. Lots of love

Lovely new Avatar. Must have been taken when you went to Aviemore. You look glowing. Like a photo from a ski holiday brochure.