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Feel terrible today!!!

Hey Guys! :)

I'm on day 8, broke on the eve of the 4th but resumed straight away. Lost 8lbs at 1st weigh in.:)

Now I think I may be in ketosis. Am a wee bit light headed, starving and feeling crap!

How long will that last do you think?:confused:

I know everyone is different. I'm in the mood for breaking again, must be a day 4 thing but am not going to give in.

:break_diet:Bad angel!!! I'm v.good!!!

Could not work today at all. And couldn't sleep last night once I woke up around 4a.m. Crap!:(
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give it a day or 2 max.. you'll start feeling pukka ;) well. im working from how i was... try not to exert yourself until you "feel" like you can.. and trust me, you should get that feeling..
What feeling's that then??;)

Hopefully I will start to feel better. I teach so you can imagine the energy I need for that. And I have zilch at the mo.. Then I'm a school p.e. coach as well and have lots of soccer and basketball matches to ref after school this week. Everyone else busy so I have to do it.How will I manage???

AaaHH! Am going to tuck up in front of a big fire for a few hours and just die!!


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S: 23st11lb C: 17st0lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 6st11lb(28.53%)
You'll be ok Fox.. I have to say, you do a substantial amount more exercise than me if you're a PE coach..

So i'm not entirely sure how it will work for you.. But I've had more than enough to power walk 30 mins a day and go for a 2-3 mile cycle every other night..

I even have problems getting to sleep cos i still have tons of energy.


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foxy things will get better for me I felt rough day 3 & 4 and about hlaf way through day 5 i got a wired feeling, been great since:D


I will do this!!!
Day 4 was the worst day for me, i felt terrible but after the 1st week i felt great, i was on top of the world after that 1st weigh in knowing i was burning that mass of fat!!
Thanks guys,
That's cheered me up a bit. I'm not a full time p.e. teacher, that's voluntary after school and believe me you don't have to be fit as it's 12 year old boys so I get them do the work. I just bark the instructions and they hop to it!! Ha! Ha! Nah, have stamina but not fit.

Anyway the fact that you may get a high of energy will spur me on. Can't get take away out of my head. That's something I usually have 2 or 3 times a week plus all the bad sweet things as well. Can't just have a bite.

Will keep ye posted. How are you all doing?
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Hiya fox, I know exactly how ya have been feeling, I was up last night as well and didnt get to sleep around 6.30 in the morning and now im craving for food as well. As for exercise apart from going to the loo, I cant do much else and I havent a clue if I am in ketosis or not. But as the fella always says chins up!! The only thing that is keeping me going is determination. I really feel for ya!!
Hiya Miss Unknown,
Cool. A fellow sufferer. Well I'm trying to make myself have my 3 shakes as I'm not hungry in the eve much. Hope I can sleep tonight as a very hectic work day tommorow with travel invoved so don't know how my body will handle it! Hope you sleep better tonight!:wave_cry:
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Heres to a nice sleep for the both of us chick!!
Honey, if you are feeling hungry just drink more water, it does work.

You will start to feel better soon, as long as there is no cheating !

Good Luck x x
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I know how you feel Fox, children don't understand if you feel crap coz they only think of themselves. I was lucky in that I didn't feel too bad the first week, although I never got the euphoric feeling many talk about. If you can get away with it do as liitle preparation and marking as you can and get plenty of early nights.

It is so worth it coz I feel better these days than I have for years! I took some 14 year olds for 5-a-side football this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it! I froze to death on the pitch mind!!! It is a very exposed site!!! I'm in the classroom all day tomorrow then Thursday I'm back out in the afternoon with the older boys!!! Maybe an extra layer would help!!!!!

Good luck!


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