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Feel very light headed!!!


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Leahs Lightweights
i must admit it has never happened to me, have you been really active today?


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No hun no more than i have been every other day.


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I have done nothing different since day 1 on the diet


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Thanks hun x
I've had it too hun, felt very dizzy and faint indeed. Have passed out once. It seems to be quite a rare thing but I must confess doing CD does not give me the energy that it does for some people, and I do feel quite tired. I have to put going to the gym on hold generally while on the diet too as I find its too much for my body on that low level of calories. I shouldn't worry too much though, talk to your CD when you can but for now just get plenty of rest and if it happens regularly then see your Dr. as it could be due to blood pressure or something...



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Blood pressure, blood sugar can all drop once you are on CD. Could also be a virus? Are you feeling unwell apart from this.

It could be you went too long between packs or water or that you got up too quickly, postural hypotension.

You are on SS+ at the moment, you haven't forgotton to have any of the packs?

Looking at your BMI, I think its time for you perhaps to move to 810 for a week or so then start moving up the plans.

Have a chat with your CDC.

If you still feel unwell tomorrow contact your GP.

Hope you feel better soon I know its scary when something like this happens.
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Found this thread and the above post is by Linda who is a CDC.

Here is the link


If you use the Search button on the blue bar you will find other threads.

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks Girls xx


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I sometimes feel a bit dizzy if I haven't had enough to drink, especially at work, where it's sometimes difficult to get water. It makes me feel light headed and a bit funny, but goes away once I've had a drink.


Leahs Lightweights
how are you feeling today? x
Hey hope your feeling better? Maybe another shake will help? I in the past have tried to put off my first shake of the day thinking it will be better however due to my start times at work this week was drinking one before I went out and I found it a lot better. I had more energy on a morning. Maybe try changing the times you drink your shakes or have yr soups?
Hi Girls

Thanks for all your replies!!

Im feeling a bit better, had a few dizzy spells over the week-end but all is good today.
My cdc wasnt overly worried as she said it might be my sugar levels or bp

Hopefully what ever it was has now passed.

O x

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