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  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    hi, not been posting as just not in the mood. I've completed my first week 100% on plan but it is TOTM and my scales have not budged. I'm due to be weighed at 11.30 but I've now had a coffee and a litre of water so I'm not even going to bother.

    Feel a bit low with lack of scale movement even though I know it is TOTM etc etc. It won't stop me completing another week on plan and I will see a good result on the scales then but doesn't stop me feeling poo right now. Probably due to TOTM more than anything (and perhaps because I've just had to take my kittens to get castrated - poor things hope it goes okay for them). And I still have the usual money worries that have been stressing me out for a good while now.

    Despite my mood, I am on plan.

    I can't really read others posts about how well they have done at the moment either. Not that I'm not thrilled for people, just feeling sorry for myself.

    Will be chirpier soon, I'm sure. Going to watch Andy Murray play Nadal on telly today (unless it is rained off - highly likely unfortunately).

    Thanks for reading
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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    awww ((((hugs)))) dancing, You might be surprised at your wi you never know. well done for still sticking to it, one week over you is brill. You will have a good loss next week hopefully. Hope your feeling a bit happier soon hun. Keep the chin up.:grouphugg:

    becky xxxx
  4. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Hiya Dancing... well done for staying on plan when you are feeling a bit crappy!!

    There is no way you can be staying the same and being on plan so it is defo TOTM or water or something.... so you will defo see them scales moving soon.

    Well done you are doing great

    Gen x
  5. MoonBeam

    MoonBeam Full Member

    Cambridge, SSing
    Dancing, you always give such great advice out to others, sorry to hear things aren't great for you at the moment. The first week is always so hard, (especially on restarting!!)

    You've done brilliantly sticking to it, even if the scales aren't in your favour today, next week after TOTM, they will show a fantastic loss- stick with it :)

    Let us know how the weigh in goes
  6. Sofa

    Sofa Member

    Dancing, I was looking at your ticker - I can't believe how much weight you lost, and how quickly you managed it. 91lbs in 6 months is NOT to be sniffed at.

    I hope I have your determination to take myself through to the 6month mark on CD too. You are doing well. We all have days and weeks where it seems futile and pointless but a bad week this week will probably mean and excellent week next week, if that makes any sense?

    Hang on in there and it'll all come right in the end. x
  7. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

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    Hi Dancing,

    Your so inspirational hun, dont be so tough on yourself.... you know when it's TOTM the scales can standstill or even gain for some folks.... but the following week weigh in is ussually a corker!!!

    Stick in there it will be worth it :)

    Hugs Nas x
  8. clairelesley

    clairelesley Fairy Princess to Be

    Big Hugs!!!
    Enjoy the tennis, and *if* it does get rained out maybe dig out an old film or book that you can lose yourself in for a while instead.

    (BTW, you were totally right about the ketosis, so now I'm onto the 'I feel grotty but I know it's working' mindset)

    Hope you feel better soon :wave_cry:
  9. LizDesigns

    LizDesigns Silver Member

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    Congratulations on sticking with your first week, that's fantastic.
    You know yourself that even if the scales don't move this week, they will more than make up for it next week.
    Keep positive. :D
  10. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    thanks peeps
  11. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Well done for sticking to plan 100%

    I think regardless of how your own scales read you would of been better off keeping your appointment and the contact and chat with your CDC would of helped mentally.

    If you are keeping a record of your weight loss you could insert STS/TOTM

    Everyone understands this as we know it happens.

    Yes, it is annoying when the scales don't move as it does feel like our reward for being good all week is taken away:cry::mad:...but you know next week it will show for sure and you are bound to be down inches as well...

    Give yourself a pat on the back for getting one full week of SSing 100% behind you:patback:

    Well done:happy096:

    I am sure they will be fine and it is very responsible of you to take them to be done.

    Love Mini xxx
  12. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    I just want to echo everything Mini just said....i was feeling exactly like you are the other day, mood was low, tired from being poorly & working nights & all exacerbated by my scales refusing to budge. However come my weigh in i had a healthy loss and the chat with the cdc helped get me focussed on the week ahead.

    Having said all that, huge fantatstic well done to you for getting through this week totally on plan and wishing you loads of strength to do more of the same next week ((hugs))

    I'm sure your kittens will be fine and its def the responsible thing to do - i guarantee they'll be right as rain by morning and they wont hold it against you ;) I remember when i had my boy Sprocket done, once he'd scoffed my guilt-gift of premium fresh-from-the-fishmonger Dublin Bay prawns, it was like nothing had ever happened :D

    Hope you're feeling more upbeat soon x
  13. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    I would reiterate what Mini has said .... go and see your CDC - if you don't want to be weighed this week fine, but a chat with him/her may help and you'll come out feeling more positive. Scales are only view of weight loss - have you measured yourself?? Are your clothes looser?? Do you feel thinner??

    Well done on sticking with it 100% - don't worry about feeling like this - we all have days (weeks or even months according to my OH!!!) when we don't feel upbeat etc. Hopefully next week will go as well 100%wise and you'll have a fantastic loss to show for the 2weeks.
  14. alybongo

    alybongo Full Member

    well done for stayng on plan. Not like my sad effort at the W/E. Inspires me to do better. Being good now
  15. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Thanks again everyone.

    Don't be too inspired ... blipped today (but only today). Again it is more because I'm EXHAUSTED mentally and physically rather than because I've been on a downer. Excuses excuses but it is my truth. Back to it now.

    I'm positive that with a decent sleep, I'll be bouncing around again. I am on plan again despite the blip today.

    Thanks for your messages everyone.
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