Feeling better!


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Hi hope you are all doing well today. I am finally starting to feel better. Doc says it is a stomach bug caused by a virus and the rash is viral too. He has advised me to still keep eating till I am totally back to normal and has said carbs would be the best thing to eat which I am not thrilled about. I have seen a few people that I haven't seen for a while today and got some lovely comments about how good I look which has given me a real boost. Even my stick insect sister-in-law said I look amazing. Feeling really happy today and the sooner I get back to LT the better.

Thank you all for your support when I really needed it. Love you all x x x
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Glad you are beginning to feel better....don't push it too hard if you have been really poorly you wouldn't want a relapse xxxx


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Glad your feeling better Shaz!!

And wow glad the insect.. i mean sister in law have you a compliment :D


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im realy glad your feeling better. its great your getting complimented its such a confidents boost.

hope your completly recovered soon.


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I am so pleased you are feeling much better and the compliments really help - eh! Well done on your weight loss so far!!!!!


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please to hear you are getting better and good luck on your restart when your ready:)


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Did you pass it n to me on purpose? lol
Only joking i had a viral bug but not same as you, really pleased you have pulled through it, you did the right thing eating, it could have stuck around lot longer if you hadn't.


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Thank you everyone. I am feeling really good today and happy to be restarting LT. Chelly I couldn't believe it when she gave me a compliment but the funny thing is as I am losing weight and feeling better about myself the less I care what she thinks about me. Never thought I would say that lol. Stinkybreath sorry to hear you haven't been well, hope you are feeling better now. Sorry for passing on my germs lol. My kids ended up getting it too so I have been up the last few nights looking after them.

Hope you are all doing well today x x x


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thats so true what you said about the better you feel the less you care what she thinks about you!! so so true! feels good doesnt it! glad your back on top of things..keep up the positive attitude x


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Thanks bells. Not goona let her make me feel bad about myself anymore. She is not worth being upset for. Hubby has told me I am worth 10 of her and I am finally starting to believe it. I love LT and all of you x x x x x