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Feeling better.....


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Sorry for moaning like this basically I started SW in May last year and have lost 4st 7Lbs. I am over the moon with the weight loss but my problem is I seem to be hovering round the same weight now since xmas and I cant get myself back into it. I still have around 5stone ish to lose yet and I don't know what to do. Every week after group I feel motivated and ready to start again then I keep spoiling it the next day then it all spirals out of control again for the rest of the week.

Sorry about whining again just need to get it off my chest :cry:.
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Awww Son big hugs!!!!!

You are so inspiring to people like me... so you deserve lot's of support yourself......

Did you do a diary in the early days??? Have you read back over it?? Maybe you need to say to yourself... "I'll just give it a week to see what happens" You know once you are into it, you will be OK it's just getting over the hiccups.... Funnily in class this morning their was a lady who had lost a lot of weight but couldn't get back on the wagon... the above advice was some that was given to her....

Just think at just 2lb per week you could have lost ALL of that weight by Christmas or be a huge way in by summer!!!!

Hope you can find that thing within to get you going again!!! having read your posts for some time, i KNOW you have got it in you!!!

Anne x


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Wow Sonban your weight loss is amazing gurl!!! Well done :) You have lost loads, maybe you need a good night out or take the weekend off and really enjoy yourself, then come Monday morning, wipe the slate clean and start again.

Is it worth starting again from fresh? Get a new Food opt book, restart your journey on SW on-line and set yourself some mini goals!! You can do it...you are doing it!! Just try and re-focus and remind yourself why you are actually doing this. You are fantastic and will get there.

One more thing.... < kick up the bum> .....now get on and do it!!!! :)


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Aww honey, sending you major :hug99: I know how hard you have worked, and how much you have achieved. It seems a shame not to finish the job - you have kept going through some pretty rough times, and you know we're here for you to offer support, etc. Wish I had some words of wisdom for ya mate :vibes:
Oh hunny!
Well so far so good i wish i can lose that much- dont give up !
I remember back in 2004 i was 2st off target and hovered for a long time then gave up and had a major binge -got pregnant- then delvelped pre-eclampsia and it went from there!
What you have done so far is amazing. When i reach a plateau i try these slimming herbal suppliments and they work a treat they are called NOW SLIM and they have no nasty side effects.

Try it, or maybe start exercising.
Hope this helps
Ruthy xxx
Oh yes i agree with keeping your own food diaries....esp so if you lost alot of weight that week.....great to reflect on xxx
hi son its great to hear that uve lost all that weight so far and i think uve just lost heart maybe setting a smaller weight loss instead of thinking ive got 5 stone to loss like the sw march challenge on here then it wont seem so hard and ur not whining ur just getting it of ur chest its what we re here. so put it in the past and start again tomorrow hun xxx


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Hi Sonia, There has been great advice given already - and considering you have lost so much weight already you clearly don't need anymore from me as you know how to do it any how! Well done on your amazing loss so far. You can finish your journey you know. What's past is past you can't change it - learn from it and look to the future. Good luck - I for one read your threads for motivation and inspiration and I know others do to. Lots of hugs to you... Vxx


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So how you feeling today then mate?! :hug99:


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Hiya lovely ladies thanks soooo much for your kind advice and comments :gen126:. I have decided to start again afresh from tomorrow morning. I am going to fill in a food diary and stick to it as much as possible. I cant go on the way I have been since xmas thats a definite no no. I am going to read through my food optimizing book again just to refresh my memory. So here goes to another fresh start except this is the real one.:)

Thanks again ladies you your all fab :thankyou:


Queen of the Damned
That sounds like a very positive move - nice one mate! :clap:


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Oh sonban ur a star. I also want to lose 5 stone & I find that thinking of all that weight to lose is really hard but if I take it a day at a time then I am 1 day closer to my goal.
Put the past behide u cause tmrw is a new beginning 4 u & we're all here to support u on ur weight lose journey.:talk017:
Hi Sonban, I Know This Is Going To Sound Really Daft! But I Reckon That If You Drink At Least 2 Litres Of Water A Day For A Week I Bet You Will Lose Some Lbs X Give It Ago
Hey Son,
Im going to have to read my book again!! im doing something worng aswel ! + im going to drink lots.
Good luck darl
Ruthy xxx
Son have you tried some Success Express days or a Fast Forward week? Sometimes you need that strict kick to get you going again. Also doing something a bit different with the diet might make it more fresh for you again.


S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
Well done Sonia! Onward and downward......Good luck!


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Thanks again ladies I have had a look through my book and got my SW head back into gear. I am going to try and drink more water I normally drink 2Ltrs of Diet coke a day (I think I am addicted:)) do you think that counts or should I have water too:confused:


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S: 18st12lb C: 18st0lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st12lb(4.55%)
I remember in my previous SW life some of the members were convinced that if they had drunk alot of Diet coke/ Diet Pepsi etc they either had a gain, maintain or small loss. They were sure it caused fluid retention. I find the more Diet coke I drink the more I crave & when I do have water I actually prefer it.
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Diet coke has caffeine in it which dehydrates, so I am afraid it doesn't really count :)

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