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Feeling disheartened


I started SW again on Sunday. Have many stones to lose.
I had a sneak peak at the scales to day and have only lost 0.5 lbs so far. I'm sort of expecting a 5lb-ish loss this week as it's first back on a diet (in the many ups and down of yo-yo dieting I've been through this is an average starting loss for me). Its Wednesday, that's nearly halfway through the week. Surely I should have lost more by now????

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My advice is to lock your scales away. The more you step on them, the more disheartened you get if the weight doesn't appear to be coming off.

Your weight naturally fluctuates during the day so you could find you weigh 2lbs less in the evening than in the morning or vice versa.

If you're sticking to the plan 100% you will see a good weight loss by the end of the week.

Spend your time instead making some new SW friendly meals.

Good luck, and remember you will have lots of support on here!


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Heya Pelepeg don't feel disappointed as your weight fluctuates throughout the week. So hopefully you will lose more when you have your weekly weigh in :)

And my consultant actually gave us a little speech yesterday on how we shouldn't weigh ourself at home and throughout the week as it doesn't give us an accurate reading lol So we should just stick to our one weekly weigh in :) Good Luck
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Don't be disheartened, keep off the scales and only get weighed once a week. Fluid levels change daily and you could see less of a loss. I know it is hard to not get on the scales and have a peep. Not all scales weigh the same.

It has taken me since christmas to get my head back into it properly. I got to the point where I thought I can have a chocolate and count it, it will be okay but I never did write down everything that passed my lips. I was only cheating myself not anyone else.

I changed classes prior to christmas and I know this is a better class and the consultant gets results from members. I never missed a week but I either stayed the same or gained, now over the last 2 weeks I have lost 5lbs.

Are you writing down everything that you eat? Are you sticking to plan? Are you following Red, Green or Extra Easy?
I found following Extra Easy for a week did not suit me (I was too greedy) and I only have one or two days of this each week.

Keep going and I am sure you will see results.
It's only been 3.5 days!!!!!

You're not going to see instant results on this plan, it takes around a week for the body to burn off enough fat to lose a pound, so it's not going to happen overnight!

Be patient, stay off the scales and see what happens on monday. This plan works, but it takes longer than 3 days to see results!


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it will come off, put those scales away because you are just torturing yourself. stay positive :) xx
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I agree ditch the scales. I would weigh myself everyday and if I had lost I would cheat to celebrate if I had gained I would cheat because I was pi***d off lol. Keep going and I bet you have a good loss x


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get rid of the scales i was made to bin mine last week as they were dictating to me as weighing myself pratically every day for last month. mine kept saying i putting weight on but doctors said id lost half a stone. best thing ive done so far on this diet. the scales were taking over lol
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All been said before. Ignore the scales, yes we all do it, but they are the devils work if you sts or gain or a slow slow loss during the week. It may de motivate you and depress you and you need to keep positive and motivated. I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago mid week and felt so depressed convinced myself all week that wont have lost at W I and lost l.5lb. Keep going and ditch the scales. Good luck on your next W I


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The only scales that count are the one's at class. Stop torturing yourself!
The only scales that count are the one's at class. Stop torturing yourself!
That's all very well, but I'm not going to class, am doing it at home. As I said, I am a serial dieter so know all about the dangers of weighing day by day, but I do also know that by then on the first week of a diet I should have lost a pound or two. I am writing down everything I eat, I am not cheating and I am exercising. I have done SW before so have all the literature and know what I am doing. I just wonder now if I should switch back to red/green as I will lose at least 5lb on week one.


I'll give it until Sunday (my weigh day) then see what the score is and make a decision.

Thanks for all your words everyone.
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Bin the scales at home!!!! Do you have a Boots with scales near you? I'm doing slimming world online as I want to get under a certain weight before i go back to class. I promised myself I will not weigh myself more than once a week as I know I will bum myself out if I think I've not lost and when it does show a loss I used to get over confident and have a little treat then feel guilty... :mad: It's a really bad cycle to get into and we're all guilty of doing it. I'm weighing myself at boots at the same time each week and I know I'll have a print out with my weight on so no serial jumping on the scales and at 50p a time its less tempting to do so! Don't let the scales dictate how you feel about yourself, pick a time and day and only weigh yourself then and only then


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My advice is to bin the scales...you will have your weekly weigh in at sw so dont torture yourself by weighing mid week!! good luck :cross:
The OP isnt going to class, so wont be able to WI there.

As a serial weigher myself, I know its easier said than done to stick to a weekly weigh in, BUT, and its a big but, as you can see by the capital letters - I have a strict rule not to worry if the results arent what I want to see by the day and only to mentally count my WI at class (because I do go to class). So you could do the same, but only mentally count your Sunday WI.

If it is affecting how you manage the plan, then you need to stop doing it daily. You chose this plan, hopefully because you trust it to give you the results you want. So give it a fair crack at doing that before deciding its not working.

Also, post a food diary in the food diary area. It will a)help you to keep track of your intake when you arent attending class and b) help us to help you make sure you have the plan properly nailed and there isnt a good reason for you to not have a good loss.

There is no guarantee that you will get a 5lb or more loss in the first week. My first week, I lost 3, my consultant, she gained a pound! The following week I saw a 5lb loss.

I would start a diary, and give it a good month on plan and review your losses then before you start worrying whether its working or not.

Good luck!

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Don't be disheartened. Keep in mind that it takes a while for your body to adjust to the new way of eating. I actually put on 5 pounds in my first week, because I was eating loads more than before. But it's all coming off nicely now. Some people lose loads in their first week, but for others it can be a slower start before the magic kicks in. Hang in there. This forum has been a great support for me, so explore it for tips and suggestions regularly. It will keep u on track. I agree with the others too that u should ditch the scales, or ween yourself off the daily check.
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Don't be discouraged. My daughter and I started SW 8 weeks ago, the first week she, who had 10 stone to lose, gained 3 pounds the first week. She was devastated however 8 weeks on she's now passed me by and has lost 24lbs.

There can be many reasons why the first week you don't get those tremendous weight losses that some get but it will work out in the long run!

Also, I'm an at home weigher as well and always take sneaky peaks throughout the week. The day before weigh in this week I weighed myself and it showed a 2 lb gain, I was demotivated but the next morning for my official weigh in I had lost 1lb. Appears to be no logic in it but overall the plan works.
I find it really difficult not to weigh myself and know I shouldn't. I am doing SW at home too. After my first week last week I had only lost 3lb (and weighed myself most days). I have done SW before and had always lost loads in my first week and I was gutted. I decided not to get on the scales every day but weighed myself this morning (my WI day is a Tuesday) as a bit of pre-weekend motivation and I have lost 5lb since Tuesday. I am sure this is down to being good (mostly) last week and having a knock on effect. Please stick with it as I am sure you will have a good loss soon.


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the first time i did sw i gained in my first week but thats because i scoffed all the naughty stuff in the cupboard before i started lol:D i learnt my lesson this time. i tend to jump on the scales after a wee first thing in the morning i then feel motivated for the rest of the day i officially weight in at class tuesday pms so i know i shouldnt as it flucuates and you gain during the day but i like to see the low numbers every now and then

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