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feeling down too...


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...been feeling really positive up till now, but I've got so much to lose I feel like what's the point? am i ever going to get there? I'm trying to find positives, like my clothes aren't as tight so feel a bit comfyer (sp?) the amount I've lost is just a tiny bit compared to where i want to be, i just can't see the end.
I haven't gone off plan ..yet.. but if i don't get my head back to where it should be i can feel it coming. weekends are so difficult cos thats when my other half is home from work and i've come to the conclusion he's a secret feeder. and i really want to go swimming but don't have anyone to go with and just don't have the confidence to do it on my own.
not a good day :(
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I felt like that yesterday! It was a bad day. Everything didn't seem to make sense and felt it was me against the world. Feeling a bit better today.

I know exactly how you feel though, I've lost nearly a stone in 2 weeks and I'm so chuffed with that. Just want to shift this 3ibs now and that is done but my knees are still killing from that sports active I did the other day and if I go to the gym it will get worse so not going now until Monday for them to recover.

I'm really impatient when it comes to weight loss and always want instant results but experience has told me that is such an unrealistic way of looking at it! It's coming off, thats the main thing and we're on the right track, we just have to keep going and striving for our goal and when we acheive it! It is going to feel sooo good!


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Hiya Coops
Oh lovely - i'm sorry to hear that you are feeling like this. Look out of the window -it's a gorgeous day and on days like this i really want to be good because i want to feel good for the summer. You need to get some resolve and you really need to be strong. You haven't gone off plan yet - which is good ... DON'T GO OFF PLAN! Even tho it seems the hardest thing in the world - just be good. When i'm feeling down I can't even seem to take one day at a time - so i just take one meal at a time. It's just a couple of hours before the next meal - have elevenses - have a little treat - i find WW biscuits and a cup of coffee does it for me. And then there's not a huge amount of time until lunch. Be good at lunch!! And then before i leave work - I have another treat - WW yogurt and a cup of tea. And then i get home - do a little house work, start making tea (which i've planned the day before!!) - and i drink at least two pints of squash (as opposed to fizzy water which I've been drinking all day) - to stop me from picking at bread.

What I'm trying to say is that YOU CAN DO THIS. You need to plan plan plan and not give in to these negative thoughts. Don't let these negative feelings beat you. Because you'll feel even worse if you do give in and come off plan.

Why don't you give yourself little - achievable - targets. Say half a stone in so many weeks?

Not very fair if your other half is a secret feeder - you need to sort him out.

I can see you are in South Wales - I'm in Swansea - if you are anywhere near - i'll go swimming with you!

Don't stress...



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Keep smiling and just think how fantastic you will feel as the weight comes of slowly but surely it will get there and your doing brilliant so far, keep your chin up and dont let it get to you , ive loads to lose aswell and we all need to keep going to help each other out
Your at the toughest part of dieting. The first couple of weeks you get the buzz as big numbers come off. The next month it slows down but it is too early to see noticeable results. But keep with it and you will!!

Try putting the weight youve lost in a bag and carry it round for an hour doing ordinary stuff seeing how much harder it is to do stuff. Then you will realise how much you have lost already.


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Hope your feeling better, if the numbers are going down then that's fantastic just image how you would be feeling if you gave up and the numbers went up? keep up your hard work, its a nightmare of a process trust me i no i lost 4 stone last year and put it all back on, i feel like i may aswell not bother because i cant face it again, but we have to keep going xx
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Big hugs! I know how you feel, I think every dieter does at some stage :)
I've only been doing Slimfast for a week, but there was one day when I felt really down and just thought 'whats the point!' ...I decided to have proper meals for that day, I felt a bit better, but the next day I was back doing the plan and I've been fine since. Maybe you could just have a day off? I know you probably want instant results but one day won't hurt, as long as you dont go crazy :)
Keep in there! Just think about how wonderful it will be when you reach your goal weight :)


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ive felt like this too please dont give up, i moan because my weightloss is slow but would rather it was slow than putting on please stick at it and things will fall into place i get days where i feel like giving up and its a battle i can and will win just like others slimfasting on here we are a team and together we can ALL do this :)


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Aw, thanks guys, feeling a bit better today. I did have a sort of day off in the end, though I didn't go nuts!
Lynn - thankyou so much for the offer, though I'm in Barry and don't think i'd dget back in time to pick my boy up from pre-school! It's a new goal of mine now to go swimming, watch this space.....
I haven't tried putting the weight in a bag to carry round yet but what a good idea!
Thanks again, glad I've got you lot to talk to, otherwise i think I would've given up yesterday xxx

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