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Feeling down :-(

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Hello all, sorry for the negative post but just feeling really down at the moment so hoping some of your positivity and cheeriness will rub off on me! :eek:

I've had problems sleeping for getting on for two weeks now, i'm tired but as soon as i get into bed i'm wide awake again and then spend ages trying to nod off. I've tried some herbal sleep tablets but they have no effect whatsoever :rolleyes: I've also tried having a relaxing bath before bed or going for a walk and these don't work either. It's been 0130hrs most mornings at least before i even start to drop off and then i'm awake again from about 0600 so only clocking up about 4 n half hrs sleep a night ish.

The constant feeling of tiredness is only adding to my wanting to eat too :cry: I'm SS+ and been having the meal option and 3 packs this week but i'm finding i still feel hungry and due to feeling shattered i've also been having the odd splash of skimmed milk in a couple cups coffee in the morning to get me going!

Just feeling really fed up at the moment. I want to eat, sleep and be slimmer yet it seems i'm not really getting any of those at the moment! :rolleyes: Think i either need a big kick up the bum or to cry it all out to feel a bit better lol.. it's so hard to explain! xx
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Hi darling. Tiredness is a drain on your energy at the best of times, but when SSing it can feel worse. Have you been to the docs to see if there is anything he can help you.

Other than that, I don't really know what to suggest hun so just sending you some (((((hugs)))))) x x
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I totally understand im the same at the moment, Im not sleeping hardly at all i get to bed and lay there for ages and I ALWAYS wake up ridiculously early and its only came about since doing CD. Bit strange. Im having a rough day too im starving and the tiredness definately makes u wanna eat but overall we know that we want to lose this weight so best option i can think of is to have a nice bad an early night and maybe have a chocolate shake hot? so hot choc before bedtime :) might help?? :(


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Hey Claire.
Just wanted to send you big hugs.. Im sorry that your having this problem..
You are doing so fantastically well..... dont let anything spoil it for you.

Ok, an idea.. Champneys do a sleep spray and I swear by it I went through a stage of not sleeping well and I bought it, it was really amazing.. have a look on line. I really hope it helps you.. it did me..

I know what its like when you are having lack of sleep I have a 2 and 3 year old and they are nightmare sleepers..

Dont give up hon. as your doing fab and so close to target.

Hang in there and keep smiling and I hope that spray helps you as it really did me when I needed it..

Lots of hugs x
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Cheryl, thanks hun. It's probably a combination of working a pants shift pattern at work plus i'm doing extra training too at the moment as i've just started as a special constable. I've been fine so far but the last couple of weeks i just cannot seem to sleep, normally i'd have a drink or two to just ease me off and back into the habit of sleeping but can't go down that road! lol..

I think that also when i'm tired i feel more hungry and also more emotional. Things always seem to get blown out of proportion when you're tired don't they.

Amanda, i think i'll try a choc tetra hot tonight, not had one done hot before, will add some boiling water to it. Hugs to you too huni, hope you soon feel better..

Tempted to try have a snooze now but then worried i won't then sleep later.. grrr, can't win! lol xx
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Curlywurly, thanks for kind words hun! You're a star! Hate feeling sorry for myself, down in the dumps n lonely as it's just not me normally!

I'm normally so independent, outgoing and positive i think it makes it seem ten times worse when i'm feeling like this as i'm not used to it!

Good idea on the pillow spray!! Thanks! I actually think i've got a Radox lavender one somewhere, i will try and find it for tonight!! Completely forgot about it. I've got a lavender plug in airfreshner but it all helps and i'll try anything. xx


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No solutions Clare but a big hug... hope one of the options suggested will work for you.

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Hey Claire
if its any consolation then Im in exactly the same position and am surviving on about 4 hours too! I have my hot choc hot but not just before bed and it gives me loads of energy - may not do that with you though.

you have done so well to be so close to goal now!
fingers crossed we both sleep well tonight
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Katycakes, thanks for the hug hun, appreciate the thought :)

Jessica, i'm close to my initial, what i call 'realistic and achievable' goal to get into the overweight bmi category lol... But soooo far to go to be healthy instead :-( Seems so far away and impossible at the moment. Cannot envisage another 3 months ish ss+ing right now. Hope you sleep better tonight, definately know what you're going thru, it's rubbish. I'd be so happy with just 6hrs sleep a night as i feel ok, not brilliant, but ok on that. But the steady 4hrs a night i've been having is really starting to take it's toll now. xx


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just wanted to add a hug from me hun xxxx


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Just a thought Clare, maybe you could do 810 for a while? I know you are taking a lot of exercise for the training you're doing, so it may even suit you better. Some of us get slower losses on 810 but as you're so active I think you'd see very similar results to SS. I switched to 810 at end of Jan after 2 months of SS and lost just under 2 stone this way.

It may not sort your sleep patterns, but then again it might... and it could just be more sustainable for you. I found it a challenge having food in the picture again, but that has been good 'training' for me, and I loved having a meal to look forward to every day. You have done so well honey, hang on in there... you can do it.

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Katycakes, i've got another 3wks and a day left on ss+ and then that's 12wks done. Then i have the 810wk but two weeks after this week i have some training planned that's quite physically demanding (personal safety training - cuffs/baton/gas etc). I asked KD whether to go back to ss+ after the 810wk and then go up for a day or two for it but she suggested and i agree it's best if i stay on 810 afterwards so i'm on it for about 3wks in total. I guess i can see how it goes then and decide whether to stay on 810 till proper goal... Just seems so far away and unattainable at the moment to keep feeling like this lol.. xx


Stubborn tortoise
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Sounds like a plan... good luck!

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{{{{hugs}}}}...it's probably the change in routine and the extra training you're going to be doing that's causing sleep problems...are you worried about the training?Or the prospect of doing 810?Maybe try getting up if you can't sleep and read a book to break the cycle of tossing and turning in bed?
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Think you're right polishrose in that once i realise i can't sleep i should break the cycle of tossing and turning as once i start thinking about it the more likely it is i wont drop off. Not consciously aware that i'm thinking about things and already doing the training course, just got that personal safety training weekend coming up in june that i need the extra cals for.

Managed to grab an hour or twos sleep in the end so i'm actually feeling a lot more positive now!! :) Had a chicken salad for tea and just had a warm choc tetra with extra water so fingers crossed i sleep better tonight. Won't leave it long before i head to bed to try. Feeling much better even after those couple hrs of sleep, suprising how much a lack of sleep can affect how you feel and perceive things.

Thank you all so much for your advice and kind words, i really do appreciate it! xx

miss jelly tot

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Bless you Claire, have a big :hug99: Look how far you have come, you have lost 15% of you already! Everyone has said what I think too. It's got to be stress with everything you are going through. Just think soon it will all be over and you can order a smaller uniform. A big deep bubble bath can do wunders.:0bathtime: I will PM you soon and catch up x
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Aww thanks hun xx

I'm actually off to get some new work trousers on my day off on weds as can barely keep my current ones up and that's after my dad made two new belt holes! Look a bit like MC Hammer at the moment lol.. right sack of spuds. Have got my kit fitting the week after next!! Eeek, sooo excited though, get all my stabvest, cuffs etc! Whoopee! xx

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