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feeling emotional and have convinced myself i will gain

hi all

i stayed the same at weigh in on sat and am doing ss+ this week which is a departure from ss. i keep telling myself that i will not lose any more weight and know i will feel SO demotivated if i sts again this week. there is no reason for me to think i will sts this week but i have managed to convince myself that i will fail. if i sts this week i will probably carry on for another week but if it carries on i will have to come off CD.

has anyone else ever talked themselves into believing that they will sts or gain. i suppose i am just feeling demotivated and trying to stay on track but its so hard. i am not hungry but feel like i will fail and so should stop . i dont want to stop and am getting emotional for no reason!

has anyone else done this or am i mad????
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Poor you! You really are driving yourself to despair here, for no good reason. You will lose weight on SS+. It is still a vlcd. Stick at it, you cannot fail to lose this week, especially if you sts last week.


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Hi you will be fine,if you have stuck to it 100% think there is a sticky thread..scales not moving that explains it all.I live by the scales,when I go on holiday I convince myself Ive put loads of weight on.I never have maybe a 1lb or 2 but it feels like at least a stone.If youre like me a yo yo dieter have you noticed say you weigh 15 stone and go down to 14 you feel really good but say you weigh 13 and go up to 14 you feel really fat!Its all in the mind,you can convince yourself of anything.....please dont give up
thank you girls. feel better already and am on to my 3rd litre of water today - even though it is freezing! think the whole ss+ has knocked me a bit as not had food for 3 weeks. will stop being paranoid now.

frances = you have replied to all my messages this week so thank you. the replies really help!
Your worried because it has a food element, its a heslthy food - its not like you have eaten a maccys ds - and obviously you wont :)
SS+ you will lose weight on, i have :)


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hey hon. try not to worry too much about it. the more you worry the more you'll see what isn't there. at the end of the day, you're still eating around 500 calories. the body needs around four times that (at a healthy weight range) to sustain even just breathing, blinking, gurgling etc. that's before you move around!! you can't fail to lose honey. if you do sts it's just water retention which goes. make sure you drink over 3 litres of water a day and you'll be stonking :D

abz xx

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