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feeling emotional

Maybe it's Totm ? X
no its definatly not that x x x
I wish I could help. I've only been on for 10 days. But big hugs!
Hiya, I can fully identify with what you are going through, I'm on week 4 and got tearful this morning because I couldn't get a flower in a vase to face the right way - how bloody ridiculous is that! Surely we'll look back and laugh... x
no its definatly not that x x x
Oh just to rule that out I hve been very
unsociable Im emotional anyway at the best
of times but I really don't want to go anywhere
just wishing my life away !
I know normally when Id feel emotional
I wld go to the fridge and eat something so
maybe that's it nothing to fill the void ?? X
I'm on day 7 and feel really irritable. Tomorrow is weigh in. I was really snappy with my mum last night even though she'd done nothing to warrant it, I had to phone back and apologise later that night.

I hate being victim to my moods! I hope you feel better soon *hug*
thanks for the hugs people its good to know im not the only one going through it.
im irritable as well my hubby told me he wants me to start eating again as im so moody (nohing to do with him wreking my car and dropping one of my chanel plates lol) x x x


Real name Seán
hi everyone iv just started week 5 and have noticed that im crying quite a lot some times over things that annoy me but also over silly things that dont deserve tears!!!
anyone know what is going on??

I'd check if you have testicles. If you do then I'd worry, if not then I'd say that it is normal behaviour !!
lol that brought a smile to my face.............and i definatly havent got any lol x x x

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