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Feeling emotional :(

I got my 2 and a half award today and I've now officially lost 4 stone (lost 1 and a half stone before i joined SW). I dont know why, but instead of feeling super happy like i thought i would, i feel upset!

I'm disapointed in myself that I didn't do something about my weight sooner and have been miserable for the last 10 years! :( I just wish I was this motivated back then!

Has anyone else felt like this? :eek:
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I can understand that totally hunni. Its probably a mix of guilt, plus looking in the mirror and seeing something different, someone new. Don't give up, keep going and don't stop until your the person you want to be.

All the best

Natt x
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oh hunny, you are so not looking at this in the right way. I can understand how you feel cause i am guilty of this too at times. But there is no point, at all in being upset over things you cant change. The past is the past and you should be proud that you ever did somthing about it in the first place. were would you be now if you'd never taken that step? you can blame many things for your original weight gain, or were it all went wrong, and be upset that you ever let yourself have a problem in the first place.. but no one is perfect, everyone has thier own problems, and a few of us just happen to have had a problem with food! .. i'd rather be fat than riddled with mental/emotional or even physical problems. i am grateful that i have the power to change my problem, and i have.. as have you. you should be so bloody proud of yourself!.. and you will feel that eventually, even if right now your a bit emotional.. so i will be doubley proud of you untill you see it for yourself ;) you just let us know how it feels when you realise how amazing you are, how far youv come and how great you look yeah???

*hugs* xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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OMG I thought it was just me! My weight crept up over the last 9 years, zoomed up over the last year, and I just can't believe I let me get so bad! I think it's because SW is so good, so 'common sense' that we can't quite get our heads round how daft we've been not doing it before!

You need to embrace the new you!! I'm nearly at target, and only beginning to like what I see, there's still work to be done, toning and improving skin etc.

You will begin to feel pleased with yourself - smug, even, when you have a salad instead of a sausage roll (or is that just me?!)

Like Fern says, you should feel proud of yourself, WOW!!! 4 stone gone!! That's just brilliant :D


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I thought this was just me too! Everytime I get to a major award I get a real mixture of elation and dissapointment- I feel that I shouldn't be congratulated for at long last solving a problem which I made myself in the first place!

The fact is, despite what has gone before, we are where we are- we can either move forward by solving the problem or not ('not' being the easy option). By choosing to lose weight you are picking the courageous, harder option and by getting those milestones you are proving to YOURSELF that who you are TODAY is a strong capable person.

Hope you feel better today mate xxxxxxxxxxx

Andy R.

Time for a change
I totally understand that thinking. ive had ppl say before that ive done well. but i'd reply yeah, but nothing to be proud of putting on so much weight. but right now i think bo***cks to that. We're trying hard to improve ourselves. 4 stone is awesome. goes to show that your working hard and u know in the long run your going to benefit. so while u can look back and feel sad. try and look forward and see all the things u can do with yourself now that maybe u didnt think u could do before. Dont let your head drop, be proud of yourself. its fantastic what you've done. maybe some people wont understand but we all have problems. and your showing u can tackle them head on and win. All the best to you :)
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So with you on this feeling. I was looking at old photos of myself (big hair, big glasses, big belly, bum, everything) and thought of all those years wasted.

But then I saw all those around me, slipping into middle-aged spread, moaning about it and not doing anything and I realised I've still got so many years ahead and they're going to be slim years. Not only that, I didn't recognise the girl in the photo at all - sitting in the shade, hiding behind all that flab.

Losing weight is a sign of how far you've come mentally, physically and emotionally. It takes a strong person to admit there's something wrong with them and put it right. You have done an amazing job in every which way. Give that person you were a hug and say goodbye and embrace the new you. Like Andy says, be proud of yourself - we all are!


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Hiya -

(this might start on a strange footing but bear with me!)

My older sister met her partner at 15 and after 16 years together, they finally got married. 3 months later my sister left him. It turns out she'd been unhappy for years, and in a desperate bid to save the relationship her ex hubby suggested they got married. She went through with it but said she regretted it right away, but it was taking that step which made her realise she had to change her situation. At first she kept saying 'I should have left sooner - I was unhappy'.

But, when she met her current partner the change in her was HUGE. She was back to the smiling happy sister I knew growing up. And more importantly, I think that she appreciates him more because of what she went through.

It goes to show how much people 'ignore' problems regardless of the emotional impact it has on us: weight, bad job, bad marriage/relationships. We ALL do this in one way or another...the strength is doing something - no matter how long we let it ride first.

So, though you could have acted sooner - don't let the 'what ifs' come between you and the massive achievement! You're doing amazingly and need to remind yourself of that every time you feel this way.

You cannot change the past, as much as it would be useful at times, and you cannot miss the present looking back. One of my fave quotes is:

''The past is history, the future is a mystery. Today is a gift and we call it the present.''

Don't feel sad - you are doing so well - keep smiling honey x
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^^ thats a very good example! ..

i hope your feeling better today sweetheart. *hugs* xxx

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