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Feeling ever so depressed, NEED HELP!!


Want to do it this time!!
I've never had confidence issues even though I am overweight but of recent I've been so paranoid and critical of what others think of me. I keep feeling that I will never find the right person for me because I'm overweight.
I keep calculating how quickly I can lose weight and finally be happy but i know it's not that easy. I just want to be slim right now and see if I was right about my being overweight. :sigh:
I need some inspiration and advice. Please help! :cry:
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I was just about to log off when I say this

I have spent the last month so depressed I have spent much of it in bed and not able to post much

make sure you are getting enough b vits (very important for mental health) and there is a list of foods that are good for helping the body produce enough serotonin
I will find the link and pm it to you
might take me a while as dinner is ready NOW and I have to go - DH will be upset if he has cooked it and I let it spoil - be back to check on you later

one thing I can say is there will be light at the end of your personal tunnel - but you need to give yourself time
H xxx
hey i no EXACTLY how u feel like alaiagh said there is light at the end of the tunnel , i suffer frm depression and low self esteem , no confidence and all the rest tht comes along with it :( im strting sw tommoro and im hoping to be able to lose this time as im at the end of my tether with trying to be mentally strong enuff to lose weight , hope u do lose and the best of luck xx
You just have to be patient then and you'll have your answer when you've lost your weight.
I was very impatient, but I think that it takes time to lose it when you have a good bit to lose but you're getting lighter and more confident all the time.
I know this is difficult, but try to enjoy the journey. Be happy that you are tackling your weight, and work hard at liking yourself.


Want to do it this time!!
Thanks for Eternity, I really don't know why I'm putting myself throudh this but I guess we all have a little feeling that we won't makeit or it won't come quick enough.
Scouzer. X


Silver Member
Just want to say that I have recently had counselling for depression/anxiety and one of the first things my counsellor said was weight is a factor in depression/anxiety and losing weight (she actually recommended slimming world) will help beat it.

Also she said that Diet Coke (all cokes not just coca cola) have ingredients that can mess up nerve pathways in the brain and quite frankly doesn't help. So if you are drinking a lot of diet coke (all varieties) perhaps giving that up and finding something different may help.

Having said all that it does get better and there is light at the end of the tunnel just hang on in there and come on here if you need a boost or just a chat.


Want to do it this time!!
Thanks Lizie, I really do appreciate all the advice. I have been drinking more diet coke than usual this past month maybe I should just get ridof them.
I just have days were I go through extremely low periods.

Thanks again.
Scouzer. X
Thanks Lizie, I really do appreciate all the advice. I have been drinking more diet coke than usual this past month maybe I should just get ridof them.
I just have days were I go through extremely low periods.

Thanks again.
Scouzer. X
Not a problem - I just hope it helps
hey hun,

in my first few months with sw i suddenly became very aware, very critical, very down and had no self confidence. I couldnt figure out how when i'd been bigger and unhealthy i was so much more 'happy' and more confident, i think it was down to me being blissfully ignorant of my weight, suddenly, paying it so much attention brang so much awarness its all i though about and i became very paranoid and constantly felt down and crappy.

It does pass though okay hun. Iv been there and i know it poo, but stick with it, cause how i feel at target now.. its well worth it.

just stay strong and praise yourself for what you ahve achieved. x


Want to do it this time!!
Thans Fern. I'm realising that I'm not the only one to who has gone through such a phase. I'm glad there have been survivors. :eek:
I know I need to stop obssessing and just get on with it.

Thanks again.
Scouzer. XX


Want to do it this time!!
I could really do with supportive pm right about now although I'm feeling a lot better about myself. I've got so much stress from uni and working and saving money, etc. Could go on forever.

Scouzer. X
Hi Scouzer,

I know that it is frustrating that this is a slow process but I think in some ways that is a good thing cause it allows our head to catch up with us.

I hadn't really noticed how my weight had affected my confidance till I started doing something about it. I then realised that I had started saying no to every invite cause of the way I felt about myself rather than because I was very busy.

You are doing something about your weight so that is the first step. If you take care of you everything else will fall into place.

Thinking of you


Want to do it this time!!
Thanks Jo Jo.
I have noticed that ever since I started "watching me weight", exercising and cutting back on what I eat I have been more upset. I've suddenly realised what I'd been putting my poor body through and need to slow down and take it one day at a time.

Scouzer. X
oh how i sympathise. what brought me back to SW was actualy feeling quite suicidal the other day because all the self hate suddenly came flooding to me. i had faked confidence for eyars, therefore convinced myself i was, but the last two years the weight has crept on again and im at my heaviest. im actauly manic depressive, so go through very deep depressions regularly. i can advocate that good diet and exercise, even if very gentle to begin with are major key factors in starting to rebuild a happy you :)


I will succeed!!!
Hey -

I've just posted about my recent lowering of confidence - so you're not alone!

The one thing I will say is don't let others drive you to do something - do it for you! Easier said than done I know, but this is something you're doing for yourself and you need to do it in your own time and at own pace.

I personally think weight loss at a steady weight is more easily managed than rapid losses (from my view anyway) so if it's not coming off as fast as you'd like, try to take comfort in the fact it's better for your body.

Stay happy hun xxx

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