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Feeling gutted at weight loss

My third WI today and I have lost 3 and 3/4 lb. Im feeling a bit down in the dumps anyway and im so gagging for a bottle of wine like you would not believe...really really badly.I know I will not cave but I just want a bottle.I miss wine over food....how bad is that!!!!
I now have 12lb to loose(my holiday target still want to loose more)by 20th June....Is this do-able?
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I agree with starlight, 4lbs is totally brilliant! Well done you, what other diet would give you a loss like that!

And I totally hear you on the wine front! The thought of having an amazing bottle of wine to celebrate my goal keeps me going and it will taste amazing. I have noticed since I haven't been having the odd glass (who am I kidding- bottle) of wine I am sleeping so much better and my skin looks great.

Stay foccused- you haven't got long to go!

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Hulllloooo! Look at my WI history! In fact in one immortal Week 3 I STAYED THE SAME! You are burning about 14000 calories a week and eating 3500 (actually - you must be on 4 packs so more like 4200?). You are therefore losing 9800 calories of fat which is equivalent to 3lbs (I'm not good at the sums for people over 5ft 5). Any loss over 3 is TERRIFIC. In fact - no loss at all is terrific! (Seriously!) No one knows what you weigh. They only see what you look like you weigh. And if that 3lbs did not come off the scales it has certainly come off the way you look to other people.

Do I have to make you sit on the 'I only lost...' naughty step? Do I?

Good. You are doing very well, Rachel, keep it up! And yes, your target is doable.


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well done on 3lb loss, in the grand scheme of things thats brilliant...

12lb is doable, definatley, stick with it im sure you'll get there



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I totally believe in you - you are doing so well...I have 28lbs to lose by mid July so have introduced light exercise to help shift it.

If I can do it so can you.

plus 12lbs is VERY doable but don't fixate on the lbs make sure you take your measurements.

I have lost 34 inches already....thats mental - I am losing more inches than lbs - that in itself is my biggest wow :)

I look forward to seeing your next weeks results.

We can do this together :) :) :)
Cerulean-The "naughty step" made me laugh! Thank you,you talk so much sense!xx

Pink Sarah-Thank you hun!xx

Ishafik-Thank you too!xx

Thank you girlies for all your support,your all so fabulous!I couldn't do it without you!

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
That weight loss is fab mine is averaging out at 4-5lbs a week and I have far more to lose than you. Do that loss every week and its almost 12lb per month. Its 3 and 3/4lb you wont see any more. Don't set your goals too unrealistically or when you don't achieve them you will be disappointed or feel like a failure and want to come off plan. Good luck :D Jayne x

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