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feeling huge pressure to succeed

I am feeling all over the place at the moment and wonder can anyone relate to this.

I have lost over three stone and I get compliments from friends and family and especially OH but instead of feeling good about this, I feel terrified inside.I have lost weight like this before, though not as much and put it all on over time.I have never done sw before and this time I want to succeed so badly and I actually feel sw could be a life plan but I am feeling such a huge pressure inside not to let myself and especially OH down (again).He never actually says anything bad to me .It is the opposite.He is just so thrilled at my new figure that he keeps talking it up but inside I hate him saying it.Pressure again!
The biggest pressure is coming from knowing all the Christmas social activities are just about to happen and while I could deal with the "big days" it is all the ones leading up to them.At times I feel like an alcoholic unable to trust themselves going into a bar!

Anyway, thanks for letting me explain.It would sound crazy to my family."afraid to be slimmer because of the pressure"
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This is a journey of discovery and new feelings.
You are bound to feel a bit aprehensive...
I am sure your OH loves you regardles of how big, small, tall or wide you are...I think you are putting a bit too much pressure on yourself...Take it one day at a time and you will be fine..
Remember how fantastically well you have done so far...If you go off course over the Christmas deal with it as it happens...Don't think 'oh well that's it' and forget all about SW.
SW is a new way of life and a healthy eating plan that can be stuck to forever. There will always be obsticles on our paths and we will fall over them.. The secret is to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and don't let it faze you...
You are a fantastic person!
Your feelings of being like an alcoholic is right really we are addicted to food..We need to change our thinking habits...Nothing is going to be easy..Just remember how well you have done, congratulate yourself on your acheivements, and go from there.
I think with SW the weight will stay off as long as you stick to the eating plan...

Good luck and hopefully the pressure you put on yourself will fade with time.

Keep complimenting yourself (I should take my own advice too! lol) on how well you've done and how fabulous you loo in your new clothes.
I really like to look nice for my OH when we go out....I am so down on myself sometimes and I think how could he want to be seen with me!! Stupid I know, but it happens all the same....I really like to look noce and losing the weight makes me feel so much more comfortable in myself...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you hun.
Please let us know how you are going and if you need any help there is always someone on here to talk things out with....
Good luck



Thanks so much for your wise reply . I know that every word you say is true and I am going to examine my thinking big time and get perspective on things again.And yes,be kinder to myself.

Hope you have a great Christmas.

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