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Extra Easy Feeling hungry since starting SW


I will be a Princess!
Hi all,

As my title says, I've been feeling really hungry since starting SW on Sunday. I feel like I'm eating loads, but still feel hungry.

Today, for example, I've had the following:

Breakfast - Shape 0% yoghurt and melon chunks and some grapes

Break - another shape yoghurt and fruit (don't drink much milk, so I need the calcium!)

Lunch - homemade turkey meatballs (3 mid size) with penne and a tomato sauce made with lots of veggies, worcester sauce, herbs etc

Supper - SW chips, grilled bacon with the fat removed, egg fried in fry light, and 2 flat mushrooms grilled.

Dessert - fresh pineapple chunks

To me that seems like loads of food, and my diet has been very similar the last 2 days (although yesterday I ddin't have breakfast or lunch as had no time :eek:), but I still feel hungry a lot. Is it because of the high water content of the fruit?

I don't like feeling hungry!! :sigh: (prob why I'm the size I am, haha!) But I also don't think I could physically eat any more!

Does anybody else get hungry? Any comments would be welcome!

Sian xx
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Firstly welcome to SW :)
Your menu looks good however I can't see your Hea and B option if your following EE. These will certainly help to fill that gap.
There no need to be feeling hungry with SW however maybe you need to drink more fluid, sometimes our hunger pains can simply be our bodies telling us they need something .....that doesn't always mean food though.
If you are hungry between meals remember you also have your syns....didn't see any used on your menu.
Eat and enjoy hunny


I will be a Princess!
Thanks for the advice hun! I haven't actually used my Hex's or syns today - naughty of me I know! I'm trying to save my syns for a night out on Saturday. It's a friend's birthday and it's prob going to involve a lot of alcohol/food - eeeks! Maybe I ought to be a bit more lenient on myself though. It might be thirst - I'm a teacher and don't have a lot of time to get myself a drink during the day. Exams coming up so all the kids are stressed, lol! Thank you for the advice though hun :) Hopefully after this first week I'll have the plan sorted in my head. I don't go to a group, so I'm thinking it will take a while to get used to it :)

Sian xx
Try to have at least 5 syns per day...strangely you need Healthy Extra's and some syns for our bodies to work at getting rid of the pesky fat were holding ;)
Some consultants recommend having a flexi syn options if your out.....ie allowing 30 syns and then get back on track the next day. Others will say you can save syns before and after the event.....flexi hasn't worked for me in the past and ive had small gains so I'm trying the cut back option but never going below 5.
Good luck with drinking more, it can't be easy when your a teacher....make the most of before school, lunch times and evening to catch up, recommend 2l a day :)
Fell free to message me at anytime hunny, going alone with SW can be a scary prospect but everyone here will help and I really dont mind being bugged lol
Have a great day tomorrow
What you have been eating looks fine. But, you definately need to have your HEa and HEb option every day, as these are healthy calcium and fibre intakes and could explain why you have been feeling hungry.

I wouldn't recommend cutting back on your syns on a regular basis (I know some do use them as a weekly allowance, but really you should be having 5-15 syns per day). The reason using your syns is important (especially in the early days) is because these are the things you can cut back on at a later date, when you have lost weight, or your weight loss has come to a halt. If you are depriving yourself of those little things from the word go, then you have nothing you can adjust later on, as you can't drop your Healthy Extra's.

As other's have also said, it is important to make sure you are drinking plenty of fluid. Because otherwise all the free foods etc, can have a tendency to leave you bunged up so to speak, if you are not drinking enough.

Anyway good luck, there is a great bunch on here and a great support. :)


I will be a Princess!
Thanks for your post! The only reason I'm depriving myself of syns this week is because of this night out :) Normally I'm quite a hermit, so wouldn't be drinking much :) I have been eating Babybel light, had a couple of those since sunday, and I forgot about the milk in my coffee...oops! I need to invest in some weetabix. I could eat a couple of those a day. This is the first week of doing this diet, so it's probably a big shock to my digestive system, lol!


You seem to eat a lot of fruit, I find that I get hungry if I eat too much fruit because I'm very sensitive to the sugar in it. We've had a discussion on here about it before and a lot of people find this too.
Maybe try to cut down on the fruit and have something else instead, see if it helps.

I also find that I have to make sure my meals include some protien as that seems to fill me up for longer.


Silver Member
Add some protein to your breakfast would be my advice. I find that a poached egg on toast staves off hunger for hours
I second the protein recommendation. I have always had problems with hunger when I haven't eaten any protein, particularly at breakfast.

When I just have cereal and fruit I am starving by about 9.30am but when I have some scrambled egg and smoked salmon, or maybe some ham and eggs, this sees me through til lunch time.

I also munch on crab sticks between meals when I am hungry and this seems to help a lot too!

Good luck :D


Committed Loser
I'm finding my baked potato and beans for lunch is so filling and tasty :) I use garlic salt instead of normal salt too...beautiful!!


I echo what others have said about your A's and B's, but mainly for me what eternity said about the fruit.

Its not the same for everyone I know but it is for me so it could be for you.

I have just got back onto plan as I have been away 3 weeks on a holiday from hell and got stuck by the whole volcano mess, so i thought I would give myself a kick start.

I included loads of fruit into my day yesterday (alongside my bacon and eggs, weetabix, steak etc) something I dont normally do as I get awful cravings, but I should have known better by the end of the day I was the most hungry I had been in 3 weeks of being off plan. The cravings were awful and unfortunately I gave in :eek: :break_diet:

From now on I will stick to my usual 1 piece a day and stick with my veggies never again will I risk my craving battle after a pile of fruit :D

Theres definitely a few of us on here who suffer, it cant be coincidence :eek:


I will be a Princess!
Thanks for all the posts! I hadn't thought that it might be eating too much fruit. I'll try cutting back on that. Do any of you have any ideas for how I can get some protein into my diet at school? I'm at school by 8, so I leave at half 7, and quite often I don't have a break until about 11, which is 15 mins. Are there any quick ideas for having some protein, as I don't have the facilities to prepare stuff freshly in school :(

Sian xx
You could take hard boiled eggs, ham, chicken drumsticks, crabsticks, cold quorn sausages, vegetable/meat omlettes =eaten cold, mini babybels as hea, tuna/smoked salmon. Plus whatever else you normally take.
Too much fruit, too little protein! Fruit is great though it is full of sugar and when your blood sugar crashes, you will feel starving again. Someone else said have eggs for breakfast and I second that. Without a good helping of protein at almost every meal I can't get through, and that is particularly true first thing in the morning.

You also need to eat your HEs - the fibre one will fill you up and the dairy one will also satisfy you for longer.

Try eating 5 scan brans (HE) or wholemeal toast, a boiled egg or two and some cheese (HE) for breakfast with some cherry tomatoes and low fat mayo and then a fruit salad and then see if you feel hungry! (clue: bet you don't...!)


I will be a Princess!
Thank you all for the advice! I've tried to cut down the fruit over the last ocuple of days, and definitely don't feel so hungry :) I guess I as a bit over-zealous with them, lol!

Re: eggs for breakfast. I have to limit my intake of eggs, as I have an intolerance to them since having my MMR vaccine as a child. But I will definitely try taking a boiled egg or two to work some days :)

Sian xx
I'm pretty new to SW too... and I didn't realise that eating too much fruit could be the reason for my hunger pains!

My fave breakfast is a bowl of strawberries, covered in a strawberry muller light yoghurt topped with a crumbled up summer fruit light alpen bar...
I tend to find that I am hungry a couple of hours later though lol

I think i'll have bacon egg and beans fry up tomorrow :)


My fave breakfast is a bowl of strawberries, covered in a strawberry muller light yoghurt topped with a crumbled up summer fruit light alpen bar...

sounds like a great pudding to me :D enjoy your bacon in the morning and have your fav breakfast after lunch, that way you will still get to enjoy it :D

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