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Feeling hungry today!!


Slimming down the aisle
Boy am I feeling hungry today!! I think I more feel like eating rather than being that hungry. I know that there's chocolate in the cupboard. And crisps. And lots of yummy things, and I'm finding it hard to stay away!

I miss the security of CD. The ease of it in a way. Now that I'm eating, but having to control what I'm eating, there's more room for slip ups. I liked the way CD cut out the food. Even with the 1000 step, it was all so set out, it made it easier for me in a way.

I think I've just realised how hard this is going to be! I HAVE to keep doing it. I can't go back. What I've lost HAS to stay off. I don't have the clothes anymore! And I need to keep losing, I'm not happy to stay where I am. Hopefully I can keep it up, and stay motivated!
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Needs to stop eating!!
Ignore the crisps and chocs....they are evil!! Well done on your losses so far, dont let your mouth rule your mind....good luck with the Healty Eating x


Slimming down the aisle
I went to the gym instead, and have avoided so far! I'm now watching Come Dine With Me and I want to make all these yummy foods!!
I must have missed the bit where you came off CD Caroline! What happened, how come you're doing your own plan hun? Well done on the gym. I'm watching CDWM as well and the food looks lovely!
Torture, the first time round for me it was the blasted woman from marks and spencers detailing the desserts that drove me insane lol


Winning a losing battle!
Ooh I love CDWM!! Well done for resisting, hang on in there!

I'm just off to a wedding reception so having to avoid the alcohol and buffet tonight!
omg l so know what you mean, would love a kfc :sigh: but l would love to get into my monsoon dress even more time for yummies at a later stage


Slimming down the aisle
I love it too! I really want to have a dinner party now! I love cooking for people and making it all special.

Yup Liz, I'm off CD at the moment. Decided I really couldn't afford it until I'm either back at uni or have a job. So I'm calorie counting, and trying to keep to about 1200 calories a day and exercise more while I have the time. If I start putting on weight then I am just going to HAVE to find a way to get back on CD!


Shut up Ethel
Hi Caroline, how about this....make a PLAN for what you are going to have today (well, tomorrow) - decide what you will have, write it down, work out the cals/carbs/etc, put it all in there, commit to it and stick it on the fridge! If the strict regime of CD suited you, impose a strict CG regime on yourself?
Well good luck with it hun. I did calorie counting before CD on 1200 and lost a stone quite quickly :) So it can be done!


Slimming down the aisle
How long did it take you to lose that stone, do you remember? Were you just calorie counting or exercise too? Did you count just calories, not carbs or whatever? Sorry for so many questions Liz!
No probs. I joined a site called weightlossresources which encourages exercise alongside calorie counting. It's one of the best sites I've found and I will use it again after CD to help me maintain until I get used to portion sizes.

You put in how much you want to lose weekly from 1/2lb to 2lb and it tells you how many cals you can have for that. It has a database of every food imaginable (including all non branded supermarket foods) and you select what you've eaten. It's good because it gives you that control still.
It then shows you how many carbs, protein, fat, minerals etc you've had based on what you've eaten. You can set your carbs allowance to less if you want and then it helps you stay in line with it.
When you exercise you enter that (it has all the exercises stored in it) and it adds on calories burned to give you a higher daily allowance.

So I was having (I think from memory):

50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat.
1200 basic calories
200 calories earnt from x-trainer = 1400 total daily

I consistently lost 2lbs every week doing this, but lost 5lb in my first week and 5lbs in my second week, so I think it only took me a month to lose the stone.

Bear in mind I'd been doing no dieting before, so you always lose more in your first few weeks, but 2lbs a week is achieveable.

It costs £10pm. They do a free trial though, which I did first of all. I was hooked after that. There is also a very good forum on there and loads of hints and tips for weight loss and health.

Sorry for essay, but lots to get in!


Slimming down the aisle
Ah see you've brought up something I've got a question about. Calories you burn... do they come from what I've taken in that day or my fat stores? So if I have 1200 calories a day and then yesterday burned about 500 calories, will my intake have been 700, or will it have been 1200 but 500 was burned from stores? If that makes sense!
It all depends of what you eat and when. I'm no medical expert, but think that your body turns to carbs first and then fat. There is so much more to it than just that though because if you are exercising and increasing muscle mass then you will burn calories more even when your body is resting.

I personally wouldn't worry about what gets burnt and when. If you exert more energy throughout the day than you're taking in, you will lose weight.


Slimming down the aisle
I think on the days that I go to the gym and do a lot of exercise I'm not going to automatically up my intake, but if I find that I'm hungry or whatever, and actually really am hungry, I'll have a bit extra.

I've just joined up on that site, it looks good!! Is their calorie calculation what I need to stay at the weight I am, or has it calculated it based on the lbs I said I want to lose each week?

Sorry for so many questions!


Slimming down the aisle
Oh it's ok, I worked it out!!
Not sure which bit you're looking at. If you've said 2lb loss then your calc will be around 1200-1400 I would have thought. There will be seperate area that tells you how many cals to maintain at your weight.

You can bank calories if you exercise and don't eat the exercise cals. Don't worry about eating exercise cals though as it often helps you lose weight by fueling your body and increasing your metabolism.
I used to eat every single one of my exercise cals!
Ooooh I'm glad you've found WLR! It's great isn't it. I've been a member for around 6 years now and whereas I struggled to keep the motivation long term I have lost weight pretty easily using the website. I'm still using it to input my weight loss and will use it once I start going up the plans in a few weeks time!

You can do it!!!!!!

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