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Feeling of guilt?heavy, and food contained! xx


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I read your earlier e-mail and just wanted to respond.

Sometimes we all have blow outs and it sounds like you had one last night. Donuts - you're making my mouth water.

Just get back on tomorrow and start again. I'm trying hard not to gnaw my own hands today never mind food !


Crawling to the finish!
haha thanks hun, I know what you mean about the kids, Im normally half way through a post when baby tries to drink some bleach! xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey I cant see what you said, All i see is ***s ???


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Mmm i'm the same Chelly? Whats up with the message theres nothing there other than stars!x
I ve just noticed were you are getting married, I was a bridesmaid for my bestfriend on New Years eve there, it was totally amazing!!!! The food is the nicest food Ive ever had!!!!! its so gorgeous there (sorry this has nothing to do with LT!!) xxxxxx


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Again - I'm thinking the ****s might mean something's been removed for some reason x


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Same here, all i can c is *******?
Definately not good for someone like me who is nosey lol!!!!


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***** mean everything! In comics a picture of stars indicate a bump on the head. ***** mean you feel like swearing (or have...but the swear words have been bleeped out by the software :D

It nearly always indicates you feel crap :(

Have a read of this. It may help :hug99:


Then straight back on the wagon if you have a goal to go and fetch:)


Crawling to the finish!
hi sory guys, had a really down day and posting was sad cause I was desperate and peeps were passing back but no one replied haha Im feeling much better today :) hope everyone is going well still!

FG is it Comlongon Castle you went to? Small waorld if it is! I can not wait so exciting! xx


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Hi there,

Glad you are feeling better today.

It was pretty slow last night when you posted - and that's why you didn't get a quick response.

Hope you've had a much better day today.

Are you still resetting your target weight ?
yes it was comlongon castle !!!! its beautifull, totally amazing day, we all stayed the night too the rooms was gorgeous (I didnt sleep in the haunted room though ha ha)xxxxxx

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