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Feeling Poorly - Can I Take Anything?

Hi all

Sorry not been on for a few days as come down with a stinking cold. Problem is I have a really tight painful chest and cough. Have been taking paracetomol but is there anything I can take for the cough. Feeling really rotten and finding it hard to sleep.

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Ohh - no answer, just wanted to say 'poor you' and I hope you get better soon!

I've taken nytol to help me sleep, that didn't affect me - it'll help you sleep, but won't help your cold! Sorry

Get well soon
Not sure Georgie, hopefully somebody will be along soon to help.

In the meantime.......


hope you are feeling better soon xx
Hiya Georgie sorry to hear you're not well, ive just had that nasty cold too and it lasted for ages....if it's gone onto your lungs and chest you might need some antibiotics from the docs i'd be very careful about anything from over the counter such as linctus coz they contain a ot of sugar and even the sugar free ones id still be dubious about them taking u out of ketosis

Hope you're feeling better soon hun keep warm ooo and try rubbing some vic onto your chest!!
Thanks everyone, have smothered myself from head to foot in Vicks vapour rub and am a very sorry sight indeed. Thanks for your good wishes, hope to be back to normal soon!

HUGS to all


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sudafed decongestant nasal spray , clears the thick head and sinus pain . if your coughing up anything other than a yellow/ white colour prob chest infection so go to docs. if your chest quite tight , go into bathroom , turn on hot taps, shower so the room steams up and just breath in moist air, helps open the airways . sometimes with this weather, heating on air to dry . stick a glass full of water by your radiators in your room cos it will get absorbed into air. might help. most linctus does contain citric acid and lots of sugar. could always ask pharmacist for something sugar free , no citric acid , they must do this stuff for kids !...... you cant even have a hot toddy !!!!
I've not been well either. I've come down with freshers flu (again, i got it when i actually was a fresher!). Been vomiting, fever, headaches. I have no appetite (even on ss). Felt a little better this afternoon but soooo wanted to dial dominoes (but resisted the urge!), I don't even feel like water! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can have that wont effect ketosis too much.

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