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feeling positive

Iv woken up today, feeling quite positive. I know that its a combination of knowing that the hard work is over now, im at my new target and i dont need to be so hard on myself.. i know how to maintain and i find it far easier..

however, its been quite hot here the last few days, and again to iv woken up to find the sun shining and expected highs of atleast 24/25..

this time last year, and more so the year before i dreaded hot days, covering up in baggy tops to stay cool but hide my flab whilst friends and family stripped off to swimwear.. my legs rubbing and my make up falling off my face from the heat..

its just put a huge smile on my face knowing how much my life has changed, and no matter how long it took me, or how hard it seemed at times.. its all been worth it because now, i have my life back.

anyone else woke up feeling positive this week?

This is going to be a good week sw wise, i can feel it :) Looking forward to showing up the bride on the evening do saturday night :p Jokes lol xxxxx
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Yay for positive thinking Fern! You have every right to feel this good.
I'm feeling good today too, I need to shift some pounds to get back to my target (3!) and some more to get under it for my hols, I've had 2 fab days so far (one day at a time) and I'm enjoying being properly back on the plans. I'm quite chuffed with myself!
Yes, I feel amazing this week :D I feel soooo slim!!! I've been doing a load of my exercise and toning right up! I love the way my stomach looks now - that used to be my most HATED part!!! I'm soooo looking forward to my holiday this year!

The best thing is, my bf and I are going on a long walk later :D can't wait :) will get to tone up my legs and spend time with my gorgeous man :D


Now to maintain.....
another yay for positive thinking!!!
ive been all extra positive the last few days too....im only half way through my journey but such a change already!!
hehehe might be a sunny bristol thing fern as im here too!
Yay fern :) go out and rock your new skinnier figure in some lovely summer clothes

I have had lots of postive wake ups this week, Im fed up with work but things are feeling so much better in my head now I know im into the SW groove and fitting in clothes I had grown out of
Ah it's so lovely to hear everyone so positive! I feel good after a big loss this week as well - really spurs me on and makes me think 'I CAN keep this up!'! going to West Wittering beach this weekend with my friend and her baby - will feel alright in a bikini for once! hurrah! Have a lovely weekend everyone, hope you all get a bit of sun at least! x
I'm feeling positive too. Only at the start of my long journey but have been able to make healthy choices and say no to naughty foods. I'm loving my new toned areas and am thinking about taking up jogging. Would never have dreamt of that before unless it was to the kitchen lol!


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can i look forward to this time next year LOL.... im still in legs rubbing together, getting sweat patches in flabby places and feeling ephalump stage!

what size was you this time last year and weight (if yu dont mind saying)
yay fern, great motivational thread! i think i'm gonna have some 'me' time later, just sitting back and thinking about the things i can and will achieve if i lose just a little bit more (a bit at a time, slowly slowly... :)) oh and i might just pull out the skinny jeans that have been scrunched up, neglected, and thrown to the back of my cupboard since feb! xxx


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Good to hear that you are feeling so positive...all your hard work has really paid off!
I'm feeling motivated this week too and especially after this lady commented that she didn't recognize me because I looked 10 years younger and have a totally different walk and style now (made my day)!
can i look forward to this time next year LOL.... im still in legs rubbing together, getting sweat patches in flabby places and feeling ephalump stage!

what size was you this time last year and weight (if yu dont mind saying)

errr *checks book* i was just over ten and a half stone.. so a stone heavier than now, but makes all the difference.. and the year before i was only a month or so into my journey!


Glad to hear your all feeling so positive, well done!!!!!! xxx


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im still 12st.11... 10.7st seems far away LOL! i was thinking earlier that if i lost a steady 2lb every week from now til xmas (i was dreaming) i'd lost just over 3stone by xmas that got my heart racing LOL

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