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Feeling really down today

S: 15st8lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 5st2lb(33.03%)
Having one of 'them' days today:cry:

Just been looking in the mirror and I just want to cry! I look such a mess and thats after loosing 17lbs! What the hell was it like before?!

I know that I've lost over a stone but I feel like I've such a long way to go and I'll never get there. I get fed up watching my skinny friends eat what they want and do no exercise and stay slim...and then moan to me they are fat or have celulite etc etc!! I just want to scream ' I wish I was YOU!!!'

I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday but I do and this week the scales haven't moved...well in fact they went up a bit...come back down to last weeks weight but nothing lower :cry::cry::cry:

I know it took years for me to get into this mess so it will take ages to get out but just having one of those down days. Sorry for the moan xxx
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Hi Laura, its natural to be down now and then - as long as you pick yourself up and keep your eye on your long term goal! I have over 10 stone to lose and as you say, it didnt go on overnight, so it certainly aint gonna shift overnight (I wish!). I have messed around for years but I think I have finally got it in my head that its only me who can change how I look and it has to be worth it for the end result! We can do it girl - sit down and write the reasons you want to be healthier and slimmer and stick it up on your fridge - helps me when I am wavering! Good luck chick xx

My Goals

Lose 1 stone by the end of February(achieved 16/2/10) :girlpower:
Lose 2 stone by my birthday (28th March)
Lose 3 stone by end of April
Lose 3.5 stone by end of May
Lose 4 stone by end of June
Lose 4.5 stone by end of July
Lose 5.5 stone by my 20th anniversary on 8/9/10!
S: 20st11lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 10st4lb(49.48%)
Hi Laura,
Sorry to hear that you're feeling so down today. I have days like that too - sometimes I can't believe that I lost over 8 stone and put 6 of it back on, and it still feels horrible to see it written down like that.
And I know what you mean about the skinny friends - one of my friend is a size 6 :eek: but the nicest person you could meet (and she doesn't starve herself!). Sometimes I say something about being overweight, like the fact that I can't wear heels at the moment, because of all the weight on the ball of my foot, and I can just see it in her eyes that such a thing would never occur to her - it's just not something she would ever think about.

Be kind to yourself Laura, try to focus today, on how well you've done overall (17lbs is a fantastic weightloss!!) and how much healthier you must be feeling by now :)
I know it's hard to forcus on the future rather than the past, but imagine you hadn't started your weight-loss journey. You would be at least 17lbs heavier, and probably a bit more than that by now (if you're anything like me!)

If you're thinking that it's too hard, and that it's gonna take too long, just remember that the time will pass anyway, whatever you do, and it's much better to be doing something positive, than to let 6 months pass by, and then look back and wish you'd done something earlier.
Time doesn't stop for anyone, and if you carry on doing what you're doing, the weeks will pass by so quickly, and you'll be able to look back with pride and see what you've acheived and how different you feel :)
I really hope you start to feel better soon Laura, and that you're able to give yourself credit for how great you're doing!! And don't apologise for moaning...we all have these days!!
Take care xxx
S: 16st1lb C: 13st11lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 2st4lb(14.22%)
Laura, we all have those days and in the past, if you were anything like me, I bet you reached for the cookie jar or a chocolate bar or a six pack of crisps or whatever. Did it help then? Certainly didn't help me, just helped me to get deeper into the mess I find myself in. You are doing really well, it's normal to lose focus every now and again, the important thing is how we cope when we do lose focus and you have done exactly the right thing in coming on here and posting. Try to keep your head down and keep plodding on through this dark day, tomorrow will be a brighter one!
On the subject of wanting to be one of your friends, I read something recently along the lines of; if we all got together and threw our problems into the middle where we could all see them, we'd snatch back our own asap. We all have problems, just a pity for us that ours are there on public display!
Chin up, and keep posting!

KB x
S: 25st5lb C: 21st4lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4st1lb(16.06%)
Hi Laura,

I find that my weight often stays the same for a while then almost miraculously I lose a couple of pounds overnight. You've been through the "stays the same" patch and you've still got your overnight weight loss to come. Be positive, it will happen, whatever you've been doing for the last six weeks has worked for you so far and there's no reason why it should suddenly stop working. Promise me that you'll keep an eye on this thread and post again in a weeks time please. I wouldn't be suprised if you don't announce quite a good weight loss in 7 days time.
S: 14st8lb C: 11st8lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st0lb(20.59%)
Hi, Sorry to hear that you're feeling a bit down at the moment. Don't apologise for letting us know how you feel - that's what we're all here for.
I had my monthly weigh in with the Dr today and I had only lost half a kg!!
I was absolutley gutted but she reminded me how well I had done and that the loss does slow down and that maybe it had turned to muscle because of all the exercise I have been doing!!
She was fantastic and seemed to be really disappointed for me. Anyway I've decided to focus on next months weigh in and hopefully it will be better.
Hope you'll soon be feeling better. Best of luck. Shorty x
hi everyone im the same been on zenical for 2 months now ive lost 12lbs but it been hard work having to exercise every day drink pleanty of water i could easy give up i thought i would have lost more weight then i have can any one help debbie x
S: 15st8lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 5st2lb(33.03%)
Thanks for all your lovely replies guys...I stood onb the scales for WI this morning and was shocked to see I'd lost 1.5lbs!! So yesterday was just a minor blip and I'm right back to feeling positive again today!! Thanks again xx


Go on smile! =)
S: 19st7lb C: 14st5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 5st2lb(26.37%)
Well done on your weighloss this week laura. Glad to see you're feeling better about yourself. Keep it up! x

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