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Feeling relief after family wedding (long post)

I have been waiting for yesterdays wedding to come with mixed emotions (my aunties wedding). On the one hand, very much looking forward to celebrating the day with my family. I have known about the wedding approching for months (pre LL) so initially I was very much looking forward to a delicious meal. However I started LL 4 weeks ago, and the closer the wedding got, the more stressed I became about it. I was convinced that I would have a nibble of each course as a bare minimum, and not convinced that I could stop there!!!

However, when I started LL I said with a steely determination that I would not deviate from abstinence for the 100days. So this commitment I made to myself was very fresh in my mind too. I have suffered an inner battle with myself! I have even been dreaming about eating food at the wedding and waking in the morning feeling devasted with myself, before remembering I was dreaming !!!!

My mam said several times before the wedding to just nibble on the low carb parts of the meal as I was worried about dropping out of ketosis. And I even convinced myself that it would be very bad mannered of me to leave the food, and ungrateful, when you consider the cost of a wedding meal!!! I mean, where would the excuses end?

After mentioning the wedding to my LLC, she said whatever I do, make sure I do not eat!! Her actual words were 'don't even go there!' as she explained how many people find it hard to get back on track. She recommended fabricating a 'stomach bug' so people did not pry into why so much was left on my plate. All good in theory. I decided to go with this.

However, I get to the wedding and realise I forgot to take any food packs, panic sets in as I realise I have to go from 11 in the moring to about 8pm without any packs, and ignore the delicious food being put infront of me... I feel self doubt creep in!!

BUT.... something clicks. I'm sat on a circular table of 10, with 9 family members, of which only 1 really knows what I'm doing (as far as LL) and 1 has a rough idea. Everyone around tucks into fresh bread buns and butter (undoubtably a major trigger of mine) and I resist. The first course arrives (my favourite starter) and its easy to push around the plate, so I do. I hide the food under lettuce and hold food to my mouth, but never actually take a bite. To my astonishment , no-one notices, they're all so busy tucking into their own!! However when the main arrives the plate is full, its not so easy to make it look eaten, but somehow no-one notices this, and my dad happily swaps his empty dessert plate for my full one.

Somehow I get through the whole day, afternoon with chocolate fountain, and evening hot buffet, without a single bite. AND my ever so nosey family don't even notice that I havn't eaten a thing!!! How wonderful!! I am so proud of myself for this, as it has plagued me for weeks! I didn't think I had it in me to do this!

But strangly today at home has been a struggle and I have craved food all day long!!! I did not cave in. I think perhaps I may have had an far harder day today had I eaten yesterday!?

Sorry for the length of the post!! I just needed to get it written down for some reason!!

Thanks for listening :)
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Well done! Someone on here says (sorry can't remember who!) .... nothing tastes as good as being slim does! and you deserve a medal for getting through the day with no food packs either.

Hope you have caught up now - no doubt your hunger was due to not having eaten anything ... really good luck with the rest of your journey.


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I am in awe of you. Well done! If you set your mind to it - which you have done - you can achieve anything!
Well done on getting through the day so well, especially after forgetting to take your packs! More good news is that now it's over you'll have one less thing to worry about, I know what it's like when you're constantly thinking about situations like this.

Well done for getting through the day, and I know what you mean about writing it down. I was having a really hard time during the week after my holiday (unfortunately I wasn't as strong as you and ate) and after a particularly bad day last friday I posted on here and have been 100% since.

Stick with it and you'll keep seeing good results.:D
Well done for being strong. I had a family wedding a couple of weeks ago.the difference with nobody noticing you not eating, with all the people on our table noticing all i got was why you not eating don't you like the food are you on some funny diet. I just said that I had had a tummy upset and still wasn't feeling 100% so didn't want to upset tummy anymore by eating and said the doctor told me the best thing is to avoid food for the next 24hours and just drink water. Then because they hadn't seen me since starting LL pre LL size 20 now size 14 was how have you lost so much weight so quickly the problem with this it wasn't asked discreetly or quietly but luckly for me the speaches started and then got forgotten for the rest of the I day kept my distence from the enquiring one it was a lovely day and I felt great not eating so I no how hard it can be in this situation
Thank you all so much for your wonderful support :) Reading your replies actually brought tears to my eyes!! It is just so lovely to hear that I have done well, especially as all my past experiences with diets have resulted in me feeling like a complete failure!

I'm going to take these good feelings with me when I go away over the weekend to encourage me to stay strong when I am away from home for 3 nights!


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