feeling repulsed!

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by catz_marr, 3 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    Chicken is beginning to repulse me........ help!! what am I going to do????!!
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  3. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Vary your menus... how are you preparing your chicken? Any other meats or fish you like? Check out our recipe thread!
  4. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    Do cola chicken, it's heavenly x
  5. I squeezed a tiny bit of lime with a tiny bit of chilli and a tiny bit of corriander onto mine and it was sooooo good.... Think that's ok but now I'm scared that I've messed up lol....... Bugger! Xx
  6. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    To stay in ketosis you need to consume under 40g of carbs a day so I think you will ok xx
  7. Phew! Thanks.... How many days of Attack are you doing? Today is the beginning of my day 5..... I'm not sure if to make today the last of attack or keep going until Sunday.... Thoughts...? Xx
  8. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    basically grill chicken breasts for work everyday as there's no cooking facilities, I am mixing it up with tuna steaks/prawns, I feel ok today as its a PV day - think I was having a bit of a downer day yesterday! Was feeling very sorry for myself! Im feeling happier / more positive today though!!

    I have had a bit of a plateau this week, weight has gone from monday 12,12,02 to 13,00,06 and this morning down to 12,12,06 .....bit annoying as ive been so good and have had 2 PT sessions as well as generally trying to be active where possible!!! I guess it happens right?! xx
  9. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Smoked salmon, mackerel pate, fish soup... Or get some lean beef and make yourself meatballs? Omelettes with lean ham and extra light cream cheese? Tofu? Bet you can go a whole week without thinking about chicken once!
  10. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    I've broken it already so starting again, 4 days of attack.


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