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Feeling rubbish,is this normal???

Hi all
I am on day 5 of Lipotrim and have felt weird all day so far,not hungry but just don't feel with it and cold too.is this normal? have been doing so well that i am now worried i will end up falling off the wagon so to speak as i feel so awful
Any advice?
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Hi Donna...I remember when I did LT before the pharmacist told me I would feel bad any day btw day 3 and day 5 and this was just the effects of your body going into ketosis. I was lucky enough not to have experienced it but she did warn it may happen so I would think this was normal enough. Give yourself un til tomorrow and if you're still not happy maybe call your pharmacist? Hope this helps a bit x
hoping you are right and it is just a sign of things kicking in,have felt so well till today it has shocked me at how rubbish i feel,have my first weigh in on wed so will ask the nurse about it if i still feel lousy,am really nervous about the weigh in too even though i know i have been 100%,hopefully i will see good results to spur me on to keep at it :)


Here we go again!
Sounds as though Ketosis has come to visit Donna. Don't worry about feeling cold, that's just another side effect of ketosis. If you are worried speak to your nurse though just in case but sounds pretty normal to me!

Don't go worrying about your first weigh in result, you said you've been 100% so it can only be good!
Thanks MiniB
Really don't know why i am worried must admit as i know i have been good lol,i suppose its just fear of not getting a good result after following things by the book,as for feeling so lousy does it last long if it is down to being in Ketosis or is it a short lived thing? never been on anything like this before so little unsure,x


Here we go again!
Can't help with feeling lousy in ketosis cos whenever it's hit me I feel really great and loads of energy. Sorry, complete opposite to you. Don't worry though, there are lots that feel the same as you.

Your first weigh in will be great, don't go worrying. I think it's cos when you first start this you don't quite believe you can get such great losses and consistently too. Obviously after the first few weeks you may not have such large losses but good, consistent losses none the less.

Good luck for your first weigh in, I can't wait to see the result now!


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Hiya Donna,

When you first start on this diet it is refreshing for your body which starts to eliminate toxins. This process can make you feel crap for a few days. But just think whilst you are feeling bad your body is re-newing itself. Try to feel good and positive and don't worry. Obviously if you still feel poorly after a few days then seek medical attention but I bet you feel fab very soon :)

Good Luck xxx
you are probably right,i have an under active thyroid too so i have always struggled to get good losses so i think it prob is a case of not believing this will have good results,well we shall find out wed and hopefully i will be a happy girl :)
Cheers Catt
i had felt great up to today so hoping that feeling comes back very quickly :)
I am not hungry in the slightest so that's making me feel quite good as really thought i would struggle,i think once i get the 1st weigh in out the way i will feel happier too.x


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Try to get used to being cold it is here to stay ;) I was a cold person before, now I'm always freezing but it's worth it.

Good Luck for your first weigh in and I hope you feel a lot better soon xxx
Thanks, hopefully i will have a good loss to report :)
Good luck DONNA, I think you will do great, week one seems to be the most weight loss so look forward ton it! ;)


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Sure sounds like ketosis is here....you will be fine in a day or 2 ....the cold feeling is a good sign.....while you feel chilly imagine the fat melting away.....and look forward to hearing the results of your weigh in....xx
I felt the same on day 5 and 6, just not quite with it! But by day 7 i was ok, not full of energy like some people, but good enough to say i havent eaten for a week! Now am on day 10 and feel same, just ok, i guess some people just don't get the energy boost! But as long as the weight is coming off i dont care! x
With you on that one lucylucylu, i felt awfull till ketosis kicked it, on day 11 would you believe, dont feel that cold, but then it has been hot outside for a few days, not got the energy boost either just feel normalish. Everyones different though so you car'nt always go on what everyone else experiences.
Thanks everyone :)
Am very glad to report i am feeling great today,thanks so much to you all for the advice and support,weigh in booked for 10.15am tomoz so fingers crossed.xx


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Great news Donna :) Good Luck for tomorrow xxx

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