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Feeling rubbish.....still


Hi everyone,

Some of you may have seen some posts from me last week about being poorly (and so I had been off ss and taking medicines etc)
On Friday I was feeling a little better so got back on ss and stopped any medicine/throat sweets/honey & lemon etc, last night my neck went all stiff and a bit swollen and this morning i woke up and feel dreadful again :cry:I am so fed up of being poorly!

I am really determined to stay on ss (even though I really want to eat :() but my neck, head and chest pain is bad, have only taken paracetamol so far, would sugar free strepsils be ok? Should I gargle with something? I know I need to get better but at the same time it takes alot to get my head in gear for ss and don't want to slip, does that make sense?

To top it off my totm showed up a week early and it's evil :mad: so in the last 3-4 week I have had a constant bug and 2 totm's :cry: how rubbish is that!!!!!!

Anyway enough feeling sorry for myself :eek: any advice on what I can take/do? Probably not alot really xxx
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Peggy McParrot

Sounds as though you're not having such a great time at the mo....... maybe a trip to the Dr is in order if you don't start feeling better soon xx
Chick you need to get well before you start dieting again your body needs the sustance to fight you being poorly....its hard I know but think of it as helping in the long run....((hugs)) I dont like to think of anyone feeling lousy as there is enough crap in this world without that being added on top...xx


Stubborn tortoise
I think your priority has to be getting better - SS will still be there for you once you are fighting fit again, but right now it may not be helping. Take whatever you need to to help yourself get better. Maybe try gargling with salt? And see that doctor! Hope you are feeling brighter soon. Hugs,
Thanks guys! I didn't think going to the doctors would help and didn't want to waste their time but maybe I need to now as it has been around for a while???

I know I need to try and get better, i think the problem is that I work from home and also take care of my 3 year old, who happens to be off nursery this week and so I don't get any "time off" or "rest" :( maybe that's why it isn't shifting? My husband had a week off work, rested and got better (although only about 90%) and my mum was signed off for 2 weeks by gp and is now about 80% better, mine feels worse :cry:

I am seeing my cdc tomorrow (hope im up to it) and will talk about moving up plans for a bit till im better, just dont want to fall of the plan altogether. I could easily eat chocolate feeling sorry for myself ;)

Thanks for your kind words :hug99:
get thee to a doctor pronto!

I had flu just before christmas (proper five days in bed, can't move flu) and I was poorly for about 3 weeks, because i thought it would just go on its own.

Don't let it linger on sweetie, go and see what they say. Katycakes is right - CD will still be here next week (and we need you kung fu fighting fit for the team challenge!!)


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