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Feeling rubbish :(


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Hey everyone

Seriously feeling like crap today, absolutely full of a cold yet again! Totally not stuck to plan so far this week as I've felt so rubbish, so weigh in is going to be horrid on Thursday. Maybe speedy foods will help me to catch up?

It seems like one thing after another at the minute, uni work has had me totally stressed out, my job has made me shattered, just been to wrap my boyfriends main xmas prezzie and the key part of it is missing so I gotta go kick off in the shop tomorrow, and I'm going through one of those phases of being falsely accused of all sorts of rubbish! I'm the world's scapegoat at the moment!

I was full of festive cheer til I got sick again, hopefully the Night Nurse will help tonight and I will be out of humbugs by morning!
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Sorry to hear you feel so rubbish. Speedy foods and sticking to the plan will really help to limit any damage. You can do this. Feel better soon.


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I hope today is a better day for you xx

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Hope you feel better soon, drink lots of water and first thing in the morning lemon with hot water ;) it will help to flush it out of your system.


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I know the feeling. I just got over a flu last week... this week, I have the beginning of a cold/flu. At the minute, my nose has blocked up and I have a headache. Oh... plus a toothache :( I got my eye tooth filled a couple of months ago, and the dentist said the damage was so bad to it that it could die anyway somewhere down the line. Obviously it is in the process of doing so. Ouch!


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Hi Shelley - hope you're feeling better. Uni life is hard and stressful and far so more these days than in my day when we at least got a bit of a grant! I wish I'd discovered sw back then instead of wasting years doing silly diets. Just be gentle with yourself and get back on plan as soon as you can. And don't be anyone's scapegoat - hold your head up high and try and distance yourself from all the rubbish if you possibly can. Hope your week gets better hon xx


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Aww poor thing. It's this time of year. Get better soon xx:bighug: