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Feeling rubbish!!!!


is loving CWP xx
OMG, last night I was so ill. I had the migrane from hell along with the sickness. I even ended up falling asleep sitting up!! I was in a right state.

I think it might be partly down to the fact that I am not looking forward to tonight's weigh in. I had a lapse earlier in the week and I don't think it has done me any favours.

The headache has gone today and I feel much better now. The only thing is that I am so worried about the WI. I really wanted another good loss this week but I doubt that is going to happen. My OH knows that I might not be in for a big one so he is being really supportive but doesn't know that I lapsed . He said not to worry becasue I have got plenty of time and more weight to loose anyway so I know I am going to be on it for a while and will have time to catch up.

I suppose I am just beating myself up a bit because of the fact that I know I could have lost a lot more on foundation and really feel I have let myself down. I know I have still done good with what I have lost but I think it's the guilt kicking in.

Sorry to have a bit of a rant, it feels good getting it off my chest to be honest.

Thank you all for listening x
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Don't beat yourself up about it. What's done is done. Try and remain positive and even if your loss isn't great at WI, go back into it with added gusto!

Good luck tonight!



is loving CWP xx
Thanks Libby. I wil deffo be drawing a line under it tonight. We are having our end of foundation pics and measurements tonight so I know that will spur me on to stay with it 100%.
Hi Becks....

Don;t beat yourself up hon. You made a bad choice - remember how you feel next time you are tempted, and hopefully that will steer you in the right direction.

You are human, at the end of the day - and the beauty in that is we learn from our errors. :)

Your OH sounds very supportive - thats always nice to hear. :)

WHatever the scales say, is what they say. Relax, chalk it up to experience, and press on with the same determination you have used thus far.

:hug99: Awww Becks, sorry you have worked yourself up into such a state but the positive in this is to put it behind you and carry on ..... don't think about what could have been and in fact if you look at my total loss its not that different to yours and I havn't lapsed so maybe your losses wouldn't have been that different, there's nothing to feel guilty for .... only pride that you have done so well and got straight back onto it without giving up!

Good luck for tonight hun!



is loving CWP xx
Thanks for your support Susianna. Knowing me when I get weighed it won't be as bad as I am thinking it will be. But again, it is what comes with lapsing and I will just have to take it on the chin and carry on.

As I said before we are having our pics/measurements done tonight. does anyone know if we have 1 more weigh in before moving to development? We will be doing week 13 in the book and milk week next week. I hope so cos I really want to get to 3 stone before the end of foundation.

Thank you all for your support. I don't think I would have lasted this long without you all x x


Is back in the saddle!
Aww Becks! Hugs. Your whole total is nothing to be sniffed at! Put this week behind you, it's in the past. Good luck with tonight, I'm sure you've done fine.


is loving CWP xx
Thank you for all your lovely comments and support.

I did put on 2lb on this week but I think I know why. I did wear jeans last night when I normally wear thin work trousers. I just wanted to look good in my after pics!!! So anyway, in reality I have probably stayed the same this week so i am ok with that.

I am feeling good again now and have all my motivation back. I wish it wouldn't just wander off like that, I need it!!!

Anyway, thank you again and I am looking forward to having a 100% abstinent week (with milk of course for this week only) and a great weight loss next week :thankyou:

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