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Feeling Soooo ill. Advice anyone


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Have been feeling really queasy the past few days.

I drink water I feel sick.

I have a shake/bar/tetra I feel sick.

The thought of eating or drinking makes me feel sick. Its 10.35am and to press nothing has passed my lips today as I am sure I would physically throw up (and have to avoid that at all costs as I hate being sick)

If I can manage to get something down me today - how detrimental do you think it might be if I dont manage all my shakes and my water quota? The other flip of the coin is if I DO have them and am then sick. Catch 22?

I am gonna to try so very hard to at least get the CD in my system as I know how important that is and as much H20 as possible - but to be honest - not holding much hope out for the water today... and it is water. The thought of flavouring is making me positively green around the gills.

Am sure its not the CD making me feel like this - but I feel absolutey dreadful.

Suggestions greatfully received.


Ps.. know i'm NOT PG!! x
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Hey TT,

Poor hunni! I hate being sick too so I completley sympathise.

I can't stomach the shakes cold so I have mine warm/hot. It stops my gag reflex somehow. I also drink mine with a straw - little and often and it somehow doesn't seem too bad. Give that a go maybe ?? What about some peppermint tea not too strong to try and settle your nausea??

I think you should try to get the vits/mins in your system if you can. If you are sick it's just your body's way of telling you it's not happy - but at least you've tried then.

Hope you feel better soon xx:hug99:

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