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Feeling sorry for myself...............


is working hard.....
I'm feeling really sorry for myself today. I've actually phoned in sick and I feel a failure :(
Some of you know I've been on crutches for the last 2 and a half weeks after falling and breaking my toes. I can't walk, or drive. I've been to work everyday since, but today, with the addition of a sore throat and high temp, I simply can't manage to stand, let alone hobble on crutches. I'm all dizzy and weak and teary and I feel totally pathetic :cry:.

It's all just got to me - normally a sore throat wouldn't knock me back like this - but I feel so rubbish I can't manage anything. I'm the one who looks after everyone else - I'm the one who soldiers on regardless. But today, I just can't. Even chewing hurts :sick: And I've had to ask my ex for help and that has been a miserable experience too.:needhug:

I just wanted to moan, so thanks for listening. xx
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Awwwww hun, you are not a failure - far from it

And as much as a sore throat is annoying it is far easier to battle on as it doesnt affect your whole body, and I know that being on crutches is blumming hard work and totally knackers you

BIG hugs xxxxxxx


is working hard.....
Thank you - I'm just feeling so pathetic with my computer, sleeping 3 year old and Jeremy Kyle for company............... xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hun...sometimes you just need to stop and have someone look after you for a bit. Its not pathetic, its called "having a holiday" from being the soldier.
I hope that you feel better soon, but I would stay away from Jeremy Kyle..that programme zaps your brains!



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh Cupcake! Your sore throat is your bodies way of getting you to slow down and look after yourself. Now take the week off, and if you're struggling get the Dr to sign you off! Time to put yourself first for a change.


is working hard.....
Thank you Judimac for your wise words and concern - I'm having help with the children tomorrow and no work til Thursday - you're right, I need to listen to these signals. I'm feeling very fragile and have scared myself a little so time to look after me.




Silver Member
:hug99: hope you feel better soon. You are certainly not a failure, just poorly.

Take care of yourself for a while, hopefully you'll feel better in no time.


Slow but sure....
Sending you lots of love and hugs......and I hope you will feel better very soon, sleep is the bodies way of healing itself, so try and get as much sleep as you can. X


is working hard.....
Thank you everyone - you are all so lovely!
I actually cannot speak at all today :(, and feel just as weak and wobbly. Can't face eating - hot ribena (light) and paracetemol for me.

(Total absence of any hunger whatsoever = really weird feeling.)
hugs and love on its way through cyberland. :grouphugg: Take a abit of time for you and let oh pretend to be you for a :ambulance:while.:grouphugg:


Now to maintain.....
sending big hugs hun...hope you are feeling better soon xxx


is working hard.....
Thank you!

Had a lovely sleep this afternoon, and managed some non- sw chicken soup for tea. Still all teary. Only got an intermittent squeak for a voice - I'm a hobbling, squeaking, weeping mess! No work again tomorrow (3 days - eek!)

Your support is invaluable - :gen126: xx

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