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feeling sorry for myself


loves a curlywurly
been at emergency last few hours :character00264: and im so angry because i couldnt understand a word the doctor was saying to me i actually had to get the nurse to come and explain had xrays and he said he couldnt comment until i have my nerve conduction therapy...im on medication now and im a little worried it might effect my weight even though they arent steroids!! ive been doing so well!! i have discs out and they are leaning on my spine ive been in horrible pain since last may and no one is doing anything.i had an mri scan in turkey last july and they told me i needed an op but ever since i came hom to ireland ive been waiting and waiting for the doctors to do something im in agony for alot of the time..im just so upset and this post isnt even relevant to slimming world...it only takes the slightest move to set it off and the nerves get trapped..i have to constantly stay on medication now :cry: sorry for my rant but i feel so down :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: it could be months before i can have an op i may not be able to excersise but i will stick to plan 100% i wont let this beat me and give up!!!!
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Hi there,

Rant away... we all have days when we need to let off steam and reading your post, your more than entitled!!! I can understand your despair at not being able to exercise and your intentions to stick to the plan but whats most important is that you take care of yourself! The plan is important but (i will probably be shouted at here) its not the most essential. If you can use it as a means of distraction then thats great but you need to take care of your health and manage your pain. You probably will have more down days due to the pain but thats what this site is for so just pop on here and rant away... theres always someone to listen (or read :))

Its also a disgrace when a doctor does not seem to care that their patient cannot understand what is being said to them, sadly this is a regular occurence. Have you written to the health board to find out why the wait for your op has been so long? Surely your entitled to see where you are on the waiting list and be given an estimate of how much longer you will have to wait for. If i was you, i would be writing a letter of complaint for this, noone should have to wait this long for a needed operation!!

Best wishes, xx


loves a curlywurly
thank you so much! :) and i completely agree health is most important ill stick with the plan food wise but need to take a break from the excersise apart from the odd walk slowly of course!! i know i can still lose weight as i havent done a thing as i didnt do a thing this wk and lost 2.5 lbs!
I think until now ive been too quiet but i think your right i need to complain, I mean i dont want to be dramatic theres people far worse off than i am but its hard to be in pain every day its wearing me out! the doctor just didnt care im just another number to him. the medication is helping a little but thats only temporary. they even said im too young to have this, well im 26 and i do have it so do something to help me!!
Im supposed to have my nerve therapy at the end of the month but the last resort is an operation. I will look into writing a letter of complaint although im sure it wont make any difference..
Thanks again :) xxx
The problem with most people is that noone likes to complain any more. I was the same, i rarely complained until i found that it meant nothing i wanted got done so now i complain. Dont get me wrong, i would only do it when i'm at the end of my tether. Nobody should have to live with chronic pain if theres help available that they can have and this applies to you.

Good luck with it and don't give up :) x


loves a curlywurly
yeah your right i hate complaining about things but i am so tired now its been going on too long. think its time i did something about it..thanks alot you really helped :)
{{{{aisling}}}} how terrible to be in pain all the time. Like everyone has already said I too would complain, it is just not acceptable! And you are so right, you can lose the weight without the exercise so well done on keeping it up!


loves a curlywurly
{{{{aisling}}}} how terrible to be in pain all the time. Like everyone has already said I too would complain, it is just not acceptable! And you are so right, you can lose the weight without the exercise so well done on keeping it up!
thanks hun :) i wouldnt ever give up on my diet anyway ive come too far to go back..

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