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Feeling the weight loss!

How long b4 any of u noticed the weight loss and b4 u could fit into any clothes? Because I'm not gona try anything on till I'm at least on week 6 as I don't want 2 get depressed lol wen I'm on lipotrim my belly feels so empty that I feel like a size 0 then i pass the mirror that soon brings me back 2 reality hehe
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Think it's good to wait a few weeks.I'm on week 3 just started week 4 - I have a skirt for work as part of my uniform.it's still not changed as in size wise which I'm not overly happy about however my top half has shrunk. So far lost 1st 4lbs in this time, pharmacist said first few weeks mostly water retention and from now on it should be fat being lost which is why it takes longer to lose weight than the initial week or so.so hopefully any weight I lose now will be shrinking me as a whole...can't wait for my clothes to be too big especially my skirt!x

I'm in week 4 and have lost nearly 2 stone already, lots of my clothes are hanging on me and I tried on a load of unworn tight clothes previously bought and put away and they fit now:D. My bra's no longer fit either so I've reverted to wearing my sports tops under clothes as I don't want to buy new ones until I've lost more weight. My energy level is rocketing and I've just looked at photo's against ones I took when I started and I can't believe the difference. This diet gives you really quick results and I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before this summer! :)
I've gone down a clothes size in 3 weeks even though I've only lost 13lb in total. Mainly belly fat - boobs still the same size (although I expect that to change when I start losing the next stone)
I'm on week 4 and have found all my clothes getting much loser but I am not comfortable yet in the next size down, they feel tight but it may be because I'm now used to loose clothing!!! I have lost 20lb so far and about 4 inches from my waist!! Yeah!!
If you stick with it, the clothes will soon be too loose to wear and you will have to drop a size
x x x
Thanks guys 4 the replies it's nice 2 know everyone's different and some loose more than others.its weird first time I did it I was a size tightttt 14 and 16 on the legs by the end of the second week I was in a 12 I couldnt believe it.. Second time I did it started off a 16 and by the 7th week with no cheating was a big 14.. I'm hoping this times not so slow I want it now lol :) :)


food is not my friend!
I am on week 6 and have lost 1st 13lbs and I fit into a few dresses that I didn't fit into before and even had to get a size 14 dress the other day instead of the usual 18 (and sometimes even that wouldnt fit!), my tummy still requires a considerable amount of toning but its nothing some support underwear wont fix for now ;) xxx
Ok so a week ago I couldn't notice any changes in my clothes (bottom half) but tonight....iv fit into a size 12 dress which I bought about 2 years ago to slim into but never did and it fits, it fits it fits!!!!!!
I'm so excited it fits! Woo hoo! So happy!xx
wew1745 said:
That is great. Such a wonderful feeling.
It is such a wonderful feeling. Put a pair of skinny jeans on today! Loving it x

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