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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Off Topic' started by nicolexox, 23 November 2011 Social URL.

  1. nicolexox

    nicolexox Full Member

    I reached a target of 2 stone 3lbs tonight so i came home weighed out the weight i was 38 cans(size of spagetti/chopped tomato)i put it in a back pack and put it on-soo heavy!! When i took it off i felt my success and a ne me :family2:

    I would advise trying it :))!:D
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  3. Nemesis82

    Nemesis82 Silver Member

    Thats a great idea: not just for being at target but throughout any ones weight loss. It would be a good motivator!
  4. LittleMissThin 17

    LittleMissThin 17 wants to be skinny ♥

    Ooh I did something similar- my loss at the time worked out at 8 x 2L bottles so I picked up 2 x 4 packs in a supermarket. I struggled but maybe that's because they didn't have handles so had to stack them and try to lift them. I can't remember what weight that was now... going to drive me bonkers remembering but I know I wrote about it on here somewhere.
  5. nicolexox

    nicolexox Full Member

    Nemesis82: definetly, really makes you realise how much weight you have lost!, even 3, 4 pounds.. you can reaally feel it!:)

    LittleMissThin 17 : yeah :), it is very effective i thought :)
  6. galaxy-girl

    galaxy-girl Silver Member

    Hey love that idea. Gonna try that. Not sure I've got enough cans in the cupboard tho to amount to my weight loss target x
  7. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Love it!

    My leader took in 4 pounds of actual fat which was a bit disgusting but a real motivator! x
  8. nicolexox

    nicolexox Full Member

    It is a good idea:), i didn't have 38 either:p, i used 20 cans then weighed out other things such as putting the tub of table salt in... oil, that type of things, just use your scales:)


    yeah:), wow, that would have been a very good motivator!, very disgusting?
  9. anradharc

    anradharc Full Member

    Brilliant idea...I picked up a 12lb turkey from the frozen section yesterday and thought- that's bloody heavy- then realised I've lost pretty much that amount! Great feeling!

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  10. That's a great idea!!!! Well done o your weight loss xxxx

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  11. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    A bit disgusting lol espec wen she said that it was starting to smell since meetings started at 3 with last at 8 ha.
    But a good motivator!
  12. azwethinkweiz

    azwethinkweiz Gold Member

    Oh I love this. I've lost over 3st total (over the course of a year and a half, so slowly) which is around 19kg. I was on hols 2 weeks ago and my suitcase weighed 19kg! And I struggled lifting it... Can't believe I used to carry that around!! :eek:
    How many tins of beans is 3st lol? 38 seems loads... Wow!

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  13. nicolexox

    nicolexox Full Member

    blonde_sue : ewww, sounds like a very good motivator:), congratulations on your weight loss so far:)!

    azwethinkweiz: first i would like to say CONGRATULATIONS!, that is amazing!, well done!!, wooww!!, thats fab, you should update your statistics let people know about your loss:)
  14. azwethinkweiz

    azwethinkweiz Gold Member

    Ah thank you very much! I still have a bit to go yet. Oh my stats I put in from when I started propoints. So I lost a stone on PP but had lost a previous 2st on discovery. When I joined I wasn't sure whether to put stats from the start or stats from when I joined lol... Maybe I should update them to from the start, hmm.

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  15. nicolexox

    nicolexox Full Member

    yeaaah:), you deinetly should,it willgive you a total overall weight loss percentage:)
  16. azwethinkweiz

    azwethinkweiz Gold Member

    Done. 21.97% lol! Coooool... ;) xx

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  17. nicolexox

    nicolexox Full Member

    Well done-extraordinary xxx
  18. azwethinkweiz

    azwethinkweiz Gold Member

    You were right... It looks better like this heehee. I'm glad I changed it now :) I can see the bigger picture again (especially after gaining a couple pounds after my holiday this month :p) xx

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  19. nicolexox

    nicolexox Full Member

    You are very welcome looking at the bigger picture makes you reconise how far you have come xxx

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