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Feeling unsure. How it works/amount eaten WW

Ive always done Weightwatchers and have moved over to SW and i love it, i love everything about it.
However on a normal day, having the right A's B's and 10 syns max i am having alot more ww points than i was meant to be having.
I know i shouldnt compare but surely that means i am consuming more calories than i should be to be able to lose weight.
Does anyone know why this is and if i will still lose weight?
(ive gained/STS/lost/gained) etc and not actaully lost anything in the 4/5 weeks ive bene doing it (not 100%) but even when i have been 100% still nothing.
Ive been doing everything right and eating much better than i ever have but i really need to lose weight now.

Any help/guidance would really be appreciated as i really want SW to work for me x
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Ive tried all of them but have been doing some more reds this week in the hope that might change thigns but seeing as im still having more than i am meant to be i am a bit worried about it as i dont think i could really cut down on what i am eating more than i am without feeling really real depreived which always leads to me bingeing.
OH gosh dont worry! Sw is a brilliant plan and everyone on it is diffrent!
Just because i am having probs doesnt mean you will, lots and lots of people on here have got to or are at goal. It can be done. x


Is a crunchy mama!
How about focussing on speed foods like chicken breasts, beans and lentils, white fish etc?
I dont like fish, beans or lentils! haha sorry! Thank you tho, all advice is greatly appreciated!


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I don't know much about WW - i'll admit, but have friends who swear by WW and i swear by SW.

We've done the comparisions between WW points and SW syns - and it can be a shock when you compare the same item and one plan comes in much lower thne the other. but remember - these are two totally different plans that work out their allowances totally differently.

Remember that SW also base their counts on free/syn food about how much "bang for the buck" you get - how full you feel (and for how long) for eating a certain amount of it as well as calories.

Believe in the plan and forget everything you've learnt at WW. Give the plan 100% and you will be rewarded - that i'm sure.

I have and not had any results. My menus are ok, i eat lots of superfree and dont overdo the free and limit snacking, i have the right amount of syns and my Hexs ect. Im just getting dissheartened now as i really like the plan but i need to lose some weight.
Im going to carry on as there is no point just giving up and going back to my old habits, which is something i really dont want to do. I will just carry on and do my best to do more excercise and to eat a bit less.
Thank you everyone for you advice
When you start Sw you have to sort of forget everything you know about other diet plans and put a bit of faith in it! Points wise it does often work out more, but as Ian says, they are completely different plans. WW works more on the basis of Calories and fat content per portion and SW works on the calorie and fillingness or water content of the food.

I have found on SW that some days I might only have 700 calories, but still eating tonnes of food, and other days it might be more like 2500.

Both the plans work, it's just a case of what works best for you, personally i'd rather eat more of better quality home cooked food, than portion controlled more conventional foods - but each to their own. Both plans work, but in order for each to work you have to forget the other!
I've tried both SW and WW; both worked for me but I prefer SW as I like the fact that it encourages you to eat healthier and there are lots of free food which you don't have to worry about measuring. I plan what I am having for my meals each day and I always stock up on free food which I can snack on such as fruit, yoghurts and tinned pasta.
i done ww for 18 months and lost nearly 4 stone... got stuck in a rut for about 8 weeks not loosing anything so switched to sw in may... the fiorst wek i couldnt believe all the food you could eat and couldnt help myself converting it into points but i went on and lost 4lbs... i have now forgotten all about ww and am focusing 100% on sw.. one thing i would suggest is make sure you dont cut down your portions, with ww its all about portion sizes but not with sw.. maybe your not eating enough???

good luck x
Ive got a food dairy on here its linked in my signiture, im deffinately eating enough!
When you converted the points where they more on sw than should be on ww?
you need to forget about points and calories as SW doesnt work that way. It relies on you eating low density foods which fill you nup and stop you eating fattening food. Its similar to WW Core diet although they call it something else now.They dont use calories because if you limit your calorie intake your metabolism will eventually slow down and go into starvation mode with you putting weight on.You need to eat to loose on Sw by kickstarting your metabolism. When you hit a plateau it may be helpful to vary your foods to kickstart things again. Sometimes it helps to have a afew more syns(ask your consultant/email Sw)./ Dont try to compare the diets because they are not relative same as Core/discovery in WW are not relative. Have you measurede yourself because sometimes when you hit a plateau it is because your body shape is changing which is just as good as losing. Good luck xx
i thinkn a lot has to be said for quality and variety of what your having. i certainly notice a difference between packaged sw meals and by this i mean thngs like tinned products taht are free or pasta n sauce packs etc. compared to fresh home amde stuff.

the impression i get and this is only my own observation and may not go for everyone is that ww often people have less food but it can sometimes be more based around convenience foods whereas sw people seem to eat more but more in the way of basic fresh foods made from scratch.

if i rely too much on convenience even if it is free my losses do suffer
Deffinatly from my very lenghty experiance with WW it revolved around rubbish. I eat alot better but think i still have some of my bad habits developed on ww. Im trying tho, ive messed up tonight so its my own fault now. this week i am going to try extra hard
Hi there
Just a message to urge you to hang in there.

I was the same. I did WW for years and years then switched to SW on the recommendation of a friend.

For the first six weeks I was so so so disappointed with my losses, but then, by week 7 something seemed to 'click' and I never looked back. SW is a way of life for me now and I am so healthy and happy because of it!

Keep trying ! x
Thank you for the reply, i think onlu someone who comes from ww can understand the confusion and difficulty of not trying to point everything! Im sticking with it as i love SW, yay!

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