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Feeling unwell someone kick me!

Goodness me!

I suffer with Endometriosis and when I'm in pain all I want to do is sleep, and the painkillers don't help. And the pain knocks me sicky.

I had some chocolate as a WI treat yesterday and finished the bar today *slaps hand* for energy, and I didnt even enjoy it!

What are your good food-tips to eat etc when your not feeling really well? xx
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for me i like carbs as comfort food, jacket pots or pasta and cheese.
As a sweet treat, for less syns, opt for hot chocolate, or chocolate mousse, i love weight watchers caramel rice pudding in the chilled section, pretty sure they are 5.5 syns, not sure without looking.

Have a nice hot bath and pamper yourself and watch a good film, can take your mind off things too,.x
On the plus side ive eaten lots of fruit and veg today cos I know i need to EAT. Im just feeling sicky :(
Hi Adele,
I'm feeling your pain, i suffer with endo too, and as you say all you want to do is comfort eat & sleep
I'd go back to your doc and ask for stronger pain killers cos i've just had mine changed and it does seem to have made a big difference.
Practically wise, i've just tried not to have chocolate in the house, but have stocked up on the WW jelly, the wee packs that do smaller portions and the pink and whites and the wee 2pks of oreos, think its easier to resist if eato eat more if u hav to open another pack.
Also try to go for cup a soups or hot chocolate as above as these are feel good foods.
Hope your feeling better soon :)
Thanks Donna, im on strong painkillers anyway, im on nefopam as I developed such an allergy to opaites due to the amount I was on to fight the pain. Even have the Mirena fitted and only had my Lap 9months ago.
Going to ask to go through the fake menopause again as thats the only time i was pain free! x
Awe poor you, just keep at them and make them help you.
i'm on tramadol an mefenamic and for now there helping. I had lap bout 10 months ago and was so glad to put a name to what was wrong with me, have had issues for bout 14 years. Had to have mirena removed coz had no end of trouble with that, and pill was sending me dolally; so going it alone for now and hoping i can control this myself.
The things we girls have to go through eh??:p
Oh tell me about it Donna I hate it ! :(
Im allergic to tramadol and i was on mefenamic acid and tranenamic (sp) acid together and that didnt do anything.
At one point i was on 60mg of codine phosphate every 4 hours and tramadol every other 4 hours ie...taking meds at 2 hour intervals.
I can only have one type of pill, and they wont give me the injection or implant hence the mirena, and ive had it 4 years this year and think thats whats causing the problems with my depression :(

I love being a woman LOL x
Awe poor you, you've really been through the mill, well done you on sticking with SW. Hope you find something that works well for you endo wise too
Sending you a big virtual hug:bestwishes:
I am another sufferer, although mine is managed fairly well now and I have very few bad days. But I know what it is like for others.

I comfort eat Carbs because they are in the house and I try not to buy chocolate apart from the 1/2 Cadbury Choc Mousse. I have fallen in love with Sweet Potato and I find making them into chips with Fry Light can satisfy me.

Give in to the sleep, I still do now and I think that when I am sleeping at least I am not eating.
Jo How you managing to control it? :eek:)
Im always up for new ways just wish the doc would sort me out LOL x
I am on progesterone tablets for the future and luckily for me it has worked. I still have Stage 4 Endo (which is the worse) plus PCOS but these tablets have worked for me and means that the Endo is no longer growing - it has not gone away but it is not getting any bigger or spreading.

I could not seem to reply to you as a private message (I do not think I have done enough posts) but if you would like to know anything else or some support, reply back and I will give you my email address.
Thanks Jo im gonna see what the next lot of treatment is for me, and hopefully they'll find something worthwhile! :D
I dont even know what stage endo i have :( x


Less of a man each day
I'm lucky, I tend to go off my food when ill or down.

Magic Elves, at 3.5 Syns are my feel good food of choice though.
Good comfort food can be burgers, chips and roast parsnips. All done the sw way and completely free with 1/3 superfree added in.

Give in to the sleep from time to time and perhaps try options drinks at 2 syns a pop for a longer lasting sweet treat.

Can't imagine what living with constant pain is like. I'm a wuss and even short term knocks me for six.

Good luck and hope you find things that work soon.
Thanks Chris xx

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