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Feeling VERY disheartened

How can I STS???! I'm a mix of upset and furious. I dont get it, stayed in this weekend so I didnt touch a drop of alcohol or was bad eating wise, except for the 15 syn sandwich I didnt realise I ate until later on Saturday but thought that swimming yesterday and LOTS of walking would of worked this off. OK I know its not a gain but come on a STS on my 2nd week! I just really dont know what to think. Its made me start my 3rd week very low and not feel positive at all. I've got 5 weeks until my holiday and I really hoped I could lose a stone by then, but it doesnt look like it now. :cry:
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I think you need to give it a chance if i am honest.

You have done so well in week one, i bet your body doesnt know whats gone on :D

I would tend to think over a 4 week period, and see what you average loss is then.

Have you been doing another diet before joining SW? sometimes this can affect the first few weeks of weight loss.

Whatever you do - dont give in! Keep going and next week i bet you have a superb loss if you stick to plan.


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Hi Laura,

I know how demoralising it can be to think your efforts aren't working, but they really are. Keep at it!

Don't concentrate too much on 'must lose a stone in 5 weeks' as this sort of thing, while possibly helping you focus, can de-rail you when things don't go exactly to plan.

Two things:

1. Our weight fluctuates daily, and that means up and down. Weighing even every week is sometimes not enough to measure progress as it can take the body longer to reflect changes. If you stick to the plan and under your syn allowance, this will surely show up in your next weigh in.
Things like water retention can affect the scales in the short-term, and while exercise has an effect, it will not drastically affect weight-loss in the short-term (unless done to extremes).

2. No matter what, DO NOT think that the plan is a waste of time because of your STS and fall off the wagon! What you are doing WILL have an effect, as long as you stick with it. Keep in your mind that this is a healthy eating plan for life, and try to focus on the fact that if you stick with the plan 100%, you WILL lose weight after 5 weeks - maybe a stone, maybe not, but it will be a LOSS.
If you don't stick with the plan, chances are in 5 weeks time you may still be the same weight as you are now.

I hope this helps you to stay positive. I have a lifelong problem with being overweight, and have lost and gained weight many times, and I know exactly how it feels to think you've worked hard for nothing, but it really helps to stop thinking about the plan as a quick fix and more as a lifestyle change for good.

Good luck!!
Don't beat your self up, last year my first time at doing SW I didn't lose anything and I fell off the wagon so to speak,but today I'm starting again determined not to give up,keep up the good work and you will reach your goal.:)
Thanks for all your advice and support everyone, its very much appreciated. I know this is a lifelong plan and I accept that but as you said its just a bit of a slap in the face when you work so hard and dont see the results for it.

As you said I am sticking to the plan this week even though I so want to chuck everything in my mouth!! Lets hope that everyone including myself have a great loss for their next weigh in.

Again, I thank you xx

Mrs V

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Hi there as the others have said. As long as you are following the plan 100% the weight will come off. It won't happen every week and don't forget if you had a good loss in your first week your body needs to get used to it.
I sts last week and gained 1lb this week...I have stuck religiously to plan and think that it's because I had 3 Ee days and also down to not eating at night much before 10pm. I am going to change things around this week and only have one Ee day and the rest will be red. Also going to eat earlier and if no results next week then sw may not be the option for me anymore :(
I think it's very easy to get down about weekly losses or, more to the point, weekly maintains and unexpected gains!
I think we have to look at the general overall trend over say, a month?
You had a great 1st weeks loss of 5 lbs so averaged out with your 2 nd weeks maintain, that is a 2.5 lb loss per week which is a great loss.
So if you have a loss this week, add that to your 5 lbs and divide by 3 (weeks) and you will start to get a better idea of your weekly losses.
I hope that helps....I do think we tend to want immediate results and in reality, we need to give the plan a chance. Look at my first weeks loss.....but I didnt give up....it all adds up in the end!!!

Good luck
Although I dont want other people to be how I'm feeling or go through the same I have to say that I feel a bit better to hear that others have gone through the same, its a bit of peace of mind ya know.
I'm gonna keep trying like I have been the past 2 weeks and hope to see a loss on Monday but if not I wont let myself get too down about it and remember as you all have said our bodies are constantly changing and getting used to the new way we are eating.

Does anyone else measure themselves as well as weighing? I'm thinking/hoping that I might be losing some inches?
Measuring tape its definitely out tonight then!! Lol, but will have to wait until next time to see if there is any reduction! What body parts shall I measure?


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I think weighing each and every week can be unhelpful in some cases. Of course, I usually go overboard and weigh every day (or sometimes more!! :eek:).

So, to test this crackpot theory, I am currently determined only to weigh every two weeks.
The next weigh-in is due on Sunday, and after that the end of August, so I'm hopeful this will produce more accurate results, and avoid the despair of a short-term blip.
Im a nightmare for weighing daily too...altho today i got the shock of my life, as i stood on the scales i forgot i was holding a bag of potatoes lol

When it comes to measuring yourself ladies....do you do your chest with or without a bra???
either bra on or off, just do the same measuring each time. so if your baseline measurements are with a bra on or off do that each time to make sure its consistent. if you can bare the cold tape on your skin go for it but i can take your breath away.

i am like you and very disheartened at times with the programme but i have to give it my best shot before i consider stopping. i am going to try red/green tho instead of the EE for a change. i am struggling to do the 1/3 superfree food element at every meal
I havent measure myself yet as cannot locate my tape so going to buy a new one today and do. with regards to the 'with or without the bra' I would say whatever you feel is best for you. When I done the Cambridge diet she done it with my bra but as previously said keep whatever you choose consistant.

I know I shouldnt have but I got on the scales today and proves everything you ALL said with weight going up and down etc and my weight shows a loss, but I know now if I weighed tomorrow it could show a gain, so no more mid week weighing for me I will wait until Monday! In a way I want Monday to hurry up!! Lol x

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