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Feet - have yours shrunk?


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Hi guys

I want new shoes to go with my goal dress and have just been having a look on and found some amazing shoes that are a size too small. I seem to remember that some people's feet have shrunk when on the diet. Have yours shrunk and by how many sizes?
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Hiya mine have already shrunk a size lol i remember when i was at my lightest yrs ago i was a size 5 and up until a few weeks ago i was a size 8 am now slipping out of size 7s :)


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Yep i was an 8 when i was at my slimmest(few years ago now), went up to a 10 at my largest, now down to a 9 :)


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Hello folkies,
I have gone from a 4 to a 3. Nightmare to get sexy shoes in that size. Ones with Barbie on them just won't do!!!!! Just hoping they don't drop further or I will be in real trouble!!!!:D
mine cant shrink, i'm a size 3!
I have the smallest feet ever :) xx
Ooh no you haven't sorry! Mine used to be a 2, then went to 3 when I put weight on but now they're back down to a 2 again!

I used to get all my shoes from one of those shops that catered for sizes 1 to 11 but they closed down years ago, so I'm stuck wearing 3's with insoles and my feet are permanently tender because they slip forward in my shoes. :(
mine are still an 8 but i haven't lost that much weight so probably won't shrink. My hubby says i give Amelda Marcos storage advice so he's chuffed my feet are still a size 8! it could be expensive otherwise! x
hehe, size 2 is small indeed (and i can get in them very comfortably i'm just in denial!!)

There's no point me having a little toe, its this big ---> <---
Oh bless you two and your teeny tiny feet, my friend has size 3's and struggles too, good job you're not men or you know what we'd all be thinking hee hee xx my crocs are looser but not sure if that's because I wear them all the time and they've 'given'


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I'm sooo envious of the ladies with little feet club! I know they are for children but i want some lelli kelli shoes but there is no chance my size 8-9's will fit in them!


Back to the grindstone!!
I would much rather have bigger feet that the current size 3!!! I hate trying to find shoes, it's no fun and shop assistants think it's funny to point you to the kiddies section!!! Barbie, Bratz, not really that good in the office!!!! They guys just won't take me seriously!!! lol
Brantano do shoes in sizes 2 to 10 inclusive so hopefully you little and big 'uns will be able to find something there that you like.

Check out their website Shoes and accessories at Brantano It's really good and if you enlarge the piccies you can then spin them round to see the shoes/boots from all angles. I really like this as in shops I often see them from the side and love them only to find out they are 'dolly' shoes from the front which aren't my cup of tea.

Actually now I've had a look I think I'm going to have to go there tonight as I've seen some ankle boots I really like.
My feet were a size 6 at my largest, I am now back to a size 5. x


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Well I was a size 7 wide fitting ~ now a 5 (if wide) or a six

Bummer that ~ had to get rid of all my shoes as just walking out of them

Mind you great fun in replacing them !!!!

Love Love

PS dont even start on bra sizes or I will have to call in Trinny and Suzanne tee hee

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