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ProPoints Felix's yummy food diary!

Hi all!

I have been messing about with Cambridge Diet for months now and lost 3 stone but it's time to lose the rest in a more sustainable way!

I started yesterday and couldn't weigh myself cos my scales need new batteries haha! But I think I'm about 13 stone-ish at the moment (will buy batteries and weigh myself later). My ultimate goal is 9 and a half stone but I'll probably be happy with 10. I have joined online because I don't fancy going to classes, and all is going well so far.

So yesterday's menu was:

1 WW Bagel with light philly
Grapes & banana
(5 pp)

3x Ryvita and light Philly
Heinz squeeze and stir instant soup
Banana and custard muller light
Fresh fruit salad

WW chicken tikka

Quavers (2pp)
WW caramel cake bar (2pp)

I don't feel like I'm dieting and it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 x mission deli wrap with lime and coriander chilli chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and 2x extra light laughing cow cheese triangles.

Attempting to make a curry later with butternut squash, spinach, tomato, peppers, natural yoghurt and brown rice. May have to use a couple of weeklies though!
Honestly I feel so much better for it and I'm only half way through my 2nd day! I have been feeling nauseous for the past 2 weeks on CD and felt like sh*t for the past few months because I haven't been eating properly. I feel great now!!! :D
Hahaha well IF it does fail, which I'm sure it will not, the jars are pretty low in points, apart from the creamy kormas and passandas lol x
I'm so pi**ed off!!!! Spent a good couple of hours making this curry and just finished it and I think it tastes really good and OH just walked in and slated it and said it's bland! Arghghghhh :(
Turned in to a massive argument and now we aren't talking :(

Oh well.


Butternut squash curry with brown rice

Which means I actually have 3 left!!!!!!!!!!
Made enough curry to feed 1000000 people! And only ate 3/4 of my plate! Now having a skinny cow ice cream :)

I'm sat here thinking 'am I actually meant to be dieting right now?!' :D

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