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Fell of the Lipotrim Wagon

Hi All Just an update I fell off the lipotrim diet a couple of weeks back but I didn't fall off the Diet wagon I did some Atkins on less than a 1000 cals a day and the weight is still coming off.
I am a well seasoned atkins dieter but realized why it wasn't working any more until I started liportim basc physics I was eating too much on the Atkins I cut my intake down to below 1000 cals a day and I am still losing weight only another 10lbs to go. :)

The Basic physics bit
Two Fundamental Rules of Weight Loss

There are a lot of tricks, of course, to diet and exercise. Changing foodtype so that less energy is consumed, faking fullness, making exercise more enjoyable - but it is impossible for weight loss to escape from the two fundamental methods:
  1. Eating less energy; (Note: This does not necessarily mean eating less food)
  2. Using more energy.
[edit] Important Numbers

It is extremely easy to discover weight loss statistics from the internet. Exercise Calorie Expenditures, for example, can be easily found. Even an easy-to-use net-based calculators exist for your convenience. But let us do some numbers:
  • Jogging at 12 min/mile, 160lb. person => 296 Calories/hour
  • Fat is 9 Cal/gram

It is clear then that 1 hour of jogging is only equivalent to 33 grams of fat. To lose a pound of fat (4086 Calories), 14 hours of jogging is necessary.
In comparison, a can of Coca-Cola™ gives 155 calories, equivalent to about a half hour of jogging.

Errr If you can understand that well Err but the basics = less energy intake = more fat burned off from your stores applied to any diet and it works
Anyone starting the lipotrim it does work it just wasnt my cup of soup is all I can say.
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Sorry you have fallen off the lipotrim wagon......but well done on continuing with your weight loss.

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