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fell off the wagon big time :(


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Don't beat yourself up. FOcus on the positive, you did 5 days!

Promise yourself that you will get back on track and stay there. The best time to find a coping mechanism is when you don't need one. Ie plan now how you will deal with stress in the future. You have found out today that stress is one of your triggers for eating. If you find an alternative now , then next time you are stressed you will have an alternative strategy.
Have a look at NLP in google. It is a really good way of developing coping mechanisms and self belief. I gave up smoking with it 7 years ago and haven't touched one since. Its not for everyone. If you are wondering why i don't use it for staying slim- I don't really have a problem with food, I have an underactive thyroid that dictates how fat i will be!
Stay focused, remember why you are doing this in the first place and nothing , absolutely nothing tastes as nice being slim feels..


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Ah hun - dont beat yourself up. Its done now and I'm sure you know the reasons why you're doing this - so focus on them and think ahead to the next week - the next day if necessary!
Good Luck.


please try again
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dont beat yourself up about it hun, its done now so just put it behind you and move on forward


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Totally agree with the others.

You've been 'given' an example of how stress makes you eat (same for 99% of us I would think!!). Now you've an idea of the sort of triggers that 'set you off' and can watch for the signs.

One day in the scheme of things is small fry.

?Good luck with getting back on xx

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